Pets General Advice

Pets such as dogs and cats are like humans, living longer than ever before. But unlike humans they have fewer causes of sudden death as a result of disease such as heart attacks and strokes. The physical changes that occur, particularly for dogs, occur slowly as the years go by.

Again as in humans the life expectancy of your dog or cat is influenced by three primary factors: genetics, environment and nutrition. Although we cannot influence genetics we can ensure that our pets have a pleasant and happy environment in whch to live as well as optimum nutrition. This will ensure that your pet lives to its maximum lifespan.

Dogs in the wild do not usually reach old age because any incapacity would leave them to die as a result of lack of food. Our pets, on the other hand, may have too much food. There are all kinds of new medical treatments, offering protection of viruses and even new gadgets such as pacemakers.

Again there is a comparision with humans. To ecourage healthy ageing, petwoenrs need to feed their dog or cat carefully, get regularly vet check-ups and get plenty of exercise. Pets also need plenty of mental stimulation and affection. Thinner dogs live longer than obese dogs, so be careful to feed limited amounts of food and watch the treats. Rather than feed freechoice, feed smaller meals, more frequently.