Non-surgical Facelifts

CACI Non-surgical Facelift

CACI works by “reminding” the facial muscles to work to tone the face. Two cotton buds attached to metal electrodes are passed over the face. Through these runs a painless electrical current which goes into the muscle and hits the golgi tendon, stimulating it and re-educating it to contract the muscle. Results can be seen after one session. Available at salons in the UK. Although it tones it does not work on wrinkles.

O Lys Light Therapy

A space-age treatment for ageing skin is based on one of the oldest and most fundamental forms of energy – light. This therapy, was pioneered by a Norwegian physio/phytotherapist 15 years ago. O-Lys works from the inside and affects the skin’s cells, the physiological functioning of the body. It is fairly gentle and safe.The non-abrasive, non-invasive system uses low-energy light beams of varying wavelengths, or intensities – which, unlike the sun or lasers, does not heat or burn the skin. It can be used to treat cellulite, acne and ageing skin.

The face is covered with collagen and massaged by the red light which penetrates three inches deep into my skin, stimulating cellular production and increasing muscle tone. O-Lys is currently available in Norway, the UK and Dubai. Sessions cost from £45. For your nearest O-Lys salon, call 0800 7313048.

Mediwave 10

Mediwave 10 – unlike plastic surgery, it requires no pain or anaesthetic and works in just a matter of minutes.

Integra Plus Facecare system

The new Integra Plus face care system refines the visible signs of ageing and offers the promise of younger, firmer skin. The Integra Plus face care system works by toning facial muscles for firmer, smoother skin. It also helps boost circulation to promote cell renewal and skin hydration and reduceslines and puffiness as well as improving complexion colour and skin texture. Regular use can refine the visible signs of ageing.

Integra Plus works on the these parts of the face and neck: The forehead – Reduces forehead lines; Relaxes the frown muscles; Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyebrows. The cheeks – Improves the appearance of skin; Defines cheekbone area, Reduces tension in cheek muscles.

The lips – Reduces wrinkles around lips; Improves texture of the skin around lips; Relaxes laughter lines.

The eyes – Reduces puffiness around eye area; Improves circulation around eye area; Reduces crow’s feet lines next to the eye.

The chin – Reduces wrinkles below the mouth; Improves skin texture of chin area; Defines skin around jawline.

The neck-Reduces lines and wrinkles; Tones up neck muscles; Brightens complexion of neck.

The Integra Plus face care system uses tried and trusted technology which, until now, has only been available in professional beauty salons. Integra Plus works by stimulating the face and neck muscles with tiny electrical impulses. Additionally, Integra Plus’ Moisture Infusion System helps to rehydrate the skin. Integra Comp, 14 St Thomas Road, Brentwood, CM14 4DE

The Carole Franck Rejuve Golden Facelift

An acupuncture facial without needles. The treatment in which essential oil creams are infused into the skin with the help of electrodes takes two hours. Costs £140 hours – Urban Retreat Harrods