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First Book on How to Make Money Investing in Nanotechnology Released

June 2005:[The Nanotech Company] is pleased to release the first book on how to make money investing in nanotechnology and other so-called “small technologies,” titled “Nanotech Fortunes.”

Authored by the companyÂ’s founder and managing director Darrell Brookstein, a 32-year career investment professional, author-personalized first-editions of the 256 page hardcover book are only available at the companyÂ’s website, for a discounted $22.95 (retail $27.95). Best current price for the new book is at where it appears for $18.45.

Mr. Brookstein is a Duke University graduate who went on to lead investment banking, investment advisory, private equity, venture capital and hedge fund firms. Specializing in speculative, “boom/bust” industries, he teamed with noted bio-nanoscientist, Erkki Ruoslahti, MD, PhD, in 2001, and focused his investment acumen on this misunderstood field.

Nanotech Fortunes which informs readers how to make money and avoid losing it in investing in nanotechnology, has already received acclaim in nanotechnology circles. From non-scientist, investor readers:

“This is the first book I have found that tailors to the financial professional as well as a novice like me.” – JH

“If you’ve not read it yet, you’re already behind the nanocurve.” – CJ

“Read this book before you make the mistakes I did.” – JP

Because of Mr. Brookstein’s presentation of other nano-professionals’ and nanoscientists’ input, and the useful appendix, the book is called “The Source” for executives, scientists and investors.

Now, high-tech investors can learn the secrets of investing in the dynamic areas of nanotechnology and other “small technologies” without being intimidated by scientific jargon or hampered by irrelevant information.

Mr. Brookstein said, “I wrote this book for the readers of investment newsletters and books; they are who will enable the profit-exploding commercialization of technologies developed by scientists and engineers. Nanotechnology will drive industries and will touch everyone over decades. Anyone interested in the future of investing should read “Nanotech Fortunes.”

The Nanotech Company assists emerging small tech companies to achieve their corporate development goals and professional investors in investing in “small tech” by accessing its significant scientific, corporate development, and financial advisory resources. The company publishes a free e-digest of international “small technology” news, “The Best of the NanoWeek”.

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