International Biomedical Center – Netherlands


The International Biomedical Center
Street 2 Renheide
5595XJ Leende
The Netherlands
T: +31 495 592 232
F: +31 495 592 418

The International Biomedical Center (IBC) is an outpatient clinic with services available to anyone who is interested to discuss his/her medical problems, or who wants to get a second opinion. Also extensive general health assessments are available, for private purposes or for insurance companies or driver’s license.

Peter J Van Der Schaar, pictured, is the Medical Director

What type of conditions and diseases are treated at the center?

IBC investigates any medical ailment or complaint, even if no previous diagnosis could have been made, or the problem was considered untreatable. These conditions may include eczema in babies as well as severe cardiovascular disease in senior citizens, or ADHD as well as Burnout syndromes, Fibromyalgia, or other problems with muscles and joints.

What kind of treatments are available?

The International Biomedical Center tries to integrate regular as well as complimentary therapies as needed, to achieve the best results for the patients, with the least costs and best risks.

These are examples of the treatments:


IBC’s philosophy is that detoxification of the body is one of the most important conditions for further successful treatment, so, in many cases a test for toxic metals is included into the initial assessment studies. The removal of toxic metals is usually a relatively simple and rewarding procedure. The most often used metal chelators are DMSA. DMPS, DTPA and EDTA. IBC has a close cooperation with one of the most renowned labs for determination of toxic metals, MTM in Germany.

IBC also works with several specialized dentists for the replacement of toxic amalgam fillings in the teeth. IBC is recognized by the International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology. ( Detoxification will improve the outcome of other treatments, which may include:
Enhancement of Immune Status
Hormonal Balance
Magnesium EDTA chelation for atherosclerotic diseases

Back ailments

IBC is also interested in the adjustment of vertebral mis-alignment, especially of the whiplash injury. These misalignments may be responsible for various conditions, such as headache, cardiac arrhythmias, bowel problems, low back pain etc. But also nutritional, herbal and homeopathic treatments, laser light therapy, lymph drainage are in the repertoire of IBC.