Institute for Orthomolecular Medicine – Denmark


Institut for Orthomolekylær Medicin
Lyngby Hovedgade 37
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
T:4588 0900
F: 4588 0947
Claus Hancke (pictured), a specialist in general medicine, is the founder and leader of the institute.

He was previously a general practitioner in Helsinge, but became a private practitioner in 1988 focusing on orthomolecular medicine.

Hancke has been further educated in EDTA-chelation treatment in U.S.A., and has since gained the Diploma of the International Board of Chelation Therapy, and is FACAM.

He is the chairman of the Scandinavian Board of Chelation Therapy and a member of the Danish Health Committee’s Council on Alternative Treatment (Sundhedsstyrelsens Raad for Alternativ Behandling/SRAB) and the editorial staff of the Nordic Periodical of Biological Medicine (Nordisk Tidsskrift for Biologisk Medicin), Clinical Practice of Alternative Medicine and the American Journal of Integrative Medicine.

He has been the initiater of the 3 Health-Trends congresses on optimal nutrition in Denmark. He is also the chairman of the Vitality Council (Vitalraadet) having an office in the hall of the institute.