Full body


The manufacturers say you can lose a minimum of seven inches over the entire body with one treatment and could drop a dress size after six sessions. They claim you won’t put the inches back on unless you put on weight. It works by wrapping you in bandages infused with vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 and collagen, which break down cellulite and draw out toxins.


The latest way to fake a golden tan is by being airbrushed. Once you have the base coat, a second application the next day (or later the same day) deepens the colour. Then, the therapist can define muscle tone on the inner thigh which gives the illusion that they are lean and muscular.


This treatment is based on water loss. You are covered in a special ‘Sudation’ cream to induce sweating and then don a plastic suit to help heat up the body. The skin is stimulated to expel toxins by the active ingredients in the cream, including lavender, tea tree oil, lemon and red thyme. Claims to be a quick-fix but also good for people suffering from water retention. A course of five treatments is recommended to keep the inches off.


Electrochemical signals are sent through the nervous system to the muscles via pads placed on them. The muscle contracts as in exercise. There is firming and toning after one 30-minute treatment, but a course of ten is recommended.


Using a highpressure injection device similar to those devised for patients with needle phobias, a therapist uses a jet spray to blast oxygen through the skin, activating tissue-firming ingredients to stimulate the metabolism in the deeper layers of the skin. It should firm the body and reduce cellulite by activating the cell metabolism and supporting the reduction of fatty tissues. Inhaling pure oxygen helps speed up the process. Ten treatments are recommended.