Estheva Spa – Singapore


10% discount on all treatments

This spa is the ultimate in luxurious pampering. Voted the top day spa in “The Best of Singapore” consecutively 2006 and 2007 by readers of Singapore Tatler.

Here you getting the very best and worth every penny but with ELIXIR MAKEOVER MILES it won’t hurt you bank balance nearly as much!

As Singapore’s first and most exclusive Esthetics Spa, ESTHEVA has created a luxury haven in a modern and spacious environment in the heart of famous Orchard Road for you to enjoy your beauty, massage and spa therapies.

This is where the air is filled with the scent of delicate and aromatic essential oils and fragrance of fresh blossoms, and the mood is serene with restful music.

It also specialises in non-invasive anti-ageing treatments for the face and body. These include the new, high-performance microdermabrasion performed by experienced therapists with the latest technology from Europe in Singapore. Who needs a surgical facial lifts when you can enjoy luxurious peels for natural long-term results, which are visible even after the first session?

The secret of these programs lies in the patented technology and techniques used.

These treatments include the Ageless Beautiful Face which is a series of non-invasive, non-surgical beauty secret techniques. This botox-free treatment brings unprecedented visible instant results for ageing skin. The effects are so dramatic; your friends may think you’ve had a face-lift!

First, a light microdermabrasion, with the Estheva signature AgeLes.Peel© followed by a state-of-the art transdermal delivery, DEP.Therapy to enhance the absorption of your choice of collagen, elastine and Vitamins A,C and E to impart a fresh and ageless glow. ESTHEVA is the first spa in Asia to offer this proven highly effective unique 2-in-1 treatment.

Then there is the Beautiful Flawlessly Firm Body treatment which lasts two hours and fifteen minutes.

CelluGie delivers readily visible results for a great-looking body with glowing skin, reduced cellulite and enhanced contour especially around the hips.

This wonderful treatment begins with a luxurious Seaweed Scrub, rich nutrients gently exfoliate your skin & stimulate blood circulation.

The patented Gyra-Massage, the secret of the programme, is then be skillfully applied to the contours your body. Oxygen and nutrients to your body increase, and toxins are ejected while active cellular exchanges work from within to the exterior. A Seaweed Wrap is then applied to further oxygenate the body. The connective tissues of the skin are revitalised, restoring elasticity. Firm and sensual curves are thus shaped.

To complete the highly effective firming and lifting, the program finishes with an Aromatic Body Rub that will leave you totally renewed with an irresistible scent.

For A Beautiful Younger-Looking Face you must try this three step anti-ageing treatment which lasts two hours.

CelluVie begins with thorough Cleansing, Exfoliation and Oxygenation. Using the advanced Gyra-Massage, the face is then given an invigorating three-dimensional “uptoning” massage.

This accelerates the skin’s cellular and fluid exchanges to promote tissue rejuvenation. The facial muscles get a unique stimulation improving blood circulation, while fluids and toxins are quickly flushed out. Eye bags, existing and emerging wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks are also reduced.

For optimum results, a Regenerating Mask completes the therapy, leaving a beautiful, firm, radiant and smooth complexion.