A combination of flaking skin cells caused by a yeast called pitrosporum ovale and over activity by the sebacious glands. Tends to die out as you get older. It can often be stress-related.

Dandruff may be a symptom of Vitamin A deficiency. The recommended daily amount (RDA) 800micrograms (mcg). Sources: 100g veal liver (800mcg), 2 eggs (211mcg), 100g tuna (372mcg), 100g red peppers (212mcg), 1 orange (8mcg).

This vitamin is essential for vision, skin, mucous membranes, growth, immune system and reproductive ability. It also gives protection against a range of cancers.

Other signs of vitamin A deficiency include: Mouth ulcers, poor night vision, acne, frequent colds, flaky skin, dandruff. Sources include animal livers and all orange or red vegetables

Eczema or seborrheic dermatitis can be triggered by diary foods and chocolate and can be greatly assisted by a healthy diet.