Blood and hormone Tests

These are the key tests which should be performed by an anti-ageing doctor. All are relevant to both sexes with the exception of the PSA test, which is the test for male prostate cancer.

Blood Count – A measurement of the white and red blood cells and immunity

Chemistry profile – Checks kidney and liver function, iron and albumin levels

DHEA – Checks the level of this hormone – as it declines with age

Somotomedin (IGF-1) – A measurement of Human Growth Hormone levels as these decline with age

Testosterone – A hormone measurement

Insulin – Blood sugar measurement

Homocysteine – High levels of this naturally-occuring amino-acid is associated with heart and cardiovascular disease

TCP index – A measurement of the amount of protection the body has against free radicals

Liquid peroxides – A measurement of the free-radical damage to blood fats

Clycation index – Measures the mount of sugars attached bo protein – the higher the index indicated accelerated ageing.

PSA – test for prostate cancer