Win £100 of Nads Aussie hair removal products – Comp ended

Australian businesswoman Sue Ismiel’s desire to help her daughter with a body hair problem was the start of Nads.

She went to her kitchen and eventually came up with a natural wax product that removed unwanted hair. She obviously didn’t know it at the time but it was what kick-started her business – Nads is now sold from London to Los Angeles.


The Nads hair removal range – a worldwide bestseller

Nads is now a bestseller but Sue has not just sat there letting the profits rollin. She gives back to various charties where excess hair can be a very distressing side effect in illness.

Elixir has a range of Nads products to give away – these products are worth nearly £100.

The Nads prize includes the following treatment products:

  • Brazilian & Bikini Wax – 140g

No strips required! Specifically designed for the sensitive bikini area to remove course hairs in just seconds. Bare all or try something a little different with four specially designed templates to personalise your intimate region.

  • Natural Warm Wax – 170g

The vital ingredient for an irresistibly smooth body, formulated with soothing red grape extract and gorgeous fruit fragrance. The all-natural formula is dermatology tested and hypoallergenic – so it’s suitable for even the most sensitive types – top to toe!

  • Nose Wax – 45g

A specially-formulated sensitive hard wax and unique SAFETIP applicator designed to comfortably remove nose hairs from the edge of the nostrils. What’s more, it doubles as a deep pore cleanser to remove blackheads from the nose surface.

  • Natural Hair Removal Gel – 170g

The original, no-heat, all natural wax gel suitable for the wholebody. Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and washes away with water, so it’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

  • Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper – 6g

Using the original natural hair removal gel, this precision applicator makes ease of eyebrow shaping in the comfort of your own home – and it washes away with

  • Facial Wax Strips – 20 in pack

Fuss-free and mess-free hair removal strips designed for those sensitive facial areas. Nourished with natural beeswax, the contour weave paper conforms to the curves of the face for easy application.

  • Ingrow Solution – 125ml

Helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Reduces irritation after hair removal, including by shaving, waxing, creams and electrolysis.

  • Facial Hair Removal Creme – 100ml

A precision angle tip applicator using a skin protection formula of almondand soothing calendula oils that delivers pain-free hair removal in just 4 minutes.

If you would like to win this prize please answer the following simple question and include your name and email.

The winner of this prize was Michael Jowett, Bolton, Lancs.

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