Why diets fail most women – new research from Nintendo


All women diet but 57% of them say not one of the diets they’ve tried has worked, according to research by My Health Coach, the new weight game from Nintendo.

Slimmers are bombarded with information on dieting wherever they go, and as a result are trying every fat-busting fad there is. Every woman polled had tried some form of fad diet or eating regime but 57% said no diet had actually worked for them in the long term.

Only 5% of British women can say they never think about dieting or weight loss. 14% think about it on a weekly basis and 12% think about dieting or start a new diet every single day. This obsession appears to be caused by social pressures with 48% of women saying they feel they’re expected to live up to catwalk models.

Although we clearly do want to be slimmer, 51% of women said they lack the motivation to make it a reality. Over a third fail to facilitate themselves in weight loss by exercising alongside their diet. These findings beg the question: are we asking too much of ourselves in terms of body image or are we not pushing ourselves hard enough to achieve our goals?

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