Tips to make the next decade your best ever!


London: What will you be doing in 10 years’ time?

It’s easy to get stuck in the same old rut – here is a checklist designed to make the next decade your best yet

The start of the New Year is traditionally the time to take stock and review how our lives are going, but it is all too easy to have forgotten our resolutions by the time February comes. So the Careers Advice Service has joined forces with expert careers and life coach Carole Ann Rice to develop checklists of things to do before you reach the landmark birthdays of 30, 40 and 50.

The easy–to-follow tips are designed to encourage people to think about how they can realise their dreams and keep their lives on track, whatever age they turn in 2010.

Things to do before you are 30

Carole Ann says: “In your 20s you have your whole life ahead of you, but it is still important to make the most of your opportunities, so by the time you’re 30 you should have a clearer idea of your long-term goals. Aim to achieve one personal and one professional short term goal before the end of each year. Why not learn a new skill and widen your circle of friends by joining a local club or social group?”

· Take a moment to evaluate where you want to be in five years time by thinking about what makes you tick, for example do you prefer working by yourself or with a team? Think about the careers that will match your goals and vision of the future

· If you’re not sure about which career is for you, why not consider voluntary work to help inform your decision and boost your confidence?

· Get online to gain experience of the latest online gadgets and social media platforms. Use the internet to search for information, job hunt or network with colleagues, friends and family

· Take up a new hobby. Why not join a local hobby group or club to widen your circle of friends. You could even go from rookie to Ramsay by learning how to cook.

Things to do before you are 40:

Carole Ann adds: “As you approach you the big 4-0 the key is to keep things fresh. Why not take a course to make sure your basic skills are up to scratch? Perhaps you could take an IT course to make sure your skills are up to date or learn to handle your finances and start saving for a rainy day.”

· Review your personal and career goals. Jot down the skills you have and those you don’t have and work out how you can improve them. You never know you might find a skill you never realised you had

· Try to improve your leadership and managerial experience. Why not manage the office social committee or join your local neighbourhood watch group? The extra experience will boost your confidence and could really add value to your CV

· What about having a makeover or updating your wardrobe by taking a bag of old clothes down to the charity shop? Feeling good, refreshed and uncluttered will boost your confidence and will help you to make the right impression

Things to do before you are 50:

Carole Ann says: “Your 50s should be about making time for the things you want to do. I would advise people to try to achieve a work life balance that suits them. We might be working longer than we used to, but why not book a trip away and plan to see and do the things you’ve always wanted to or take a part time gardening course, you never know it might turn into a money-making hobby!”

· It’s never too early to think about your life after work. Perhaps consider flexible working hours to finally conquer the work/life balance

· Consider enrolling on a course that will update your skills. You never know it could earn you some money or it could even become a business

· Use your skills and experience to give something back to the local community. Why not take up voluntary work or help out at the local Parent/Teacher Association?

· Get online and try out the latest social media tools – why not have a go at tweeting or set up a profile on Facebook?

· Book that trip! Plan to see and do the things you’ve always wanted to, you never know you might be entitled to a month’s sabbatical. You deserve it after all!

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