New bra for chest wrinkles launches


Amsterdam: A bra which claims to prevent cleavage wrinkles has been launched.

The bra, a Dutch invention called ‘La Decollette,’ is apparently already a big success in the Netherlands. It is now available in in Belgium, the UK, France, Spain and Germany.

The bra is the idea of Rachel de Boer who says that many women wake up with unsightly wrinkles on the chest because their breasts push together.

“At a certain age, often in combination with sun damage, the wrinkles intensify or don’t disappear at all, ” she says

Her bra, puts fabric between the breasts for support and closes at the back, keeps all in place while sleeping.
“The vertical wrinkles appear because the breasts are pressed against each other. If you put some kind of support between the breasts you prevent the cleavage from wrinkling.”

The bra is a one-size-fits-all thanks to its adjustable shoulder and back straps and sells for €49.99 online.

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