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Honey’s role as a functional food is finally gaining momentum following the successful First International Symposium of Honey and Human Health*. Scientists and researchers from around the world presented exciting research and new discoveries on the health benefits of one of life’s natural sweeteners, including restorative sleep, cough suppression and cognitive function.

Honey has been used for thousands of years to treat wounds but scientists have only recently begun to explain honey’s antiseptic and antibacterial qualities on everyday human health. Whilst most honeys commonly carry the anti-bacterial property hydrogen peroxide, active manuka honey has both hydrogen peroxide and its own natural anti-bacterial property. This makes it doubly effective for building up immunity and treating a number of ailments including sore throats, hayfever, energy loss, stomach complaints, oral infections and even MRSA, killing bacteria at source**.

Whilst we all know that honey is good for us, many people do not understand how a daily dose of Manuka honey has a wide range of health benefits for people of all ages. It is with this in mind that Medibee Active UMF® Manuka Honey has launched a consumer guide, entitled ‘Honey Bee Healthy’, written in conjunction with leading nutritionist Dr Chris Fenn. The guide shows how Manuka Honey can treat a number of everyday ailments and includes a selection of delicious recipes, interesting facts, celebrity fans and a special section for kids.

Dr Fenn says: “In our modern, complex world where food is often over-processed, or a synthetic version of the real thing, manuka honey is a natural food that not only tastes great but is an important health booster, particularly effective for building up immunity and warding off infection. The new guide reveals how active manuka honey is very different from other types of honey and will help consumers to treat common symptoms by building manuka honey into their daily eating habits.”

Manuka honey is made from the wild flowers of the native manuka bush found only in New Zealand. It’s one of the most highly prized types of honey in the world due to its powerful antibacterial properties. These are measured under laboratory conditions to detect the honey’s active ‘unique manuka factor’, or ‘UMF’. The higher the active UMF, the stronger its healing power. Manuka honey with an active UMF of 10+ is regarded by scientists to be of sufficient quality to be used medicinally**, with the UMF® registered trademark on jars proof of its content.
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**How manuka honey treats common ailments

Manuka honey helps to stimulate the immune system and assist the body in fighting infections

Sore throats
A natural soother for sore throats, manuka honey also destroys the streptococcus bacteria commonly responsible for causing the sore throat itself.

Manuka honey contains plant pollen which when ingested works like a vaccine against outbreaks of hayfever by helping the body to make antibodies against it. Source:

Stomach complaints, including heartburn and stomach ulcers
In laboratory tests the UMF antibacterial properties present in manuka honey were found to inhibit the growth of the bacteria helicobacter pylori believed to cause most stomach ulcers and indigestion.

Oral infections
Manuka honey is known to possess high levels of antioxidants and antibacterial substances that help to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. These antimicrobial properties make it beneficial in the treatment of various oral ailments including gum disease and mouth ulcers.
Select Honeys Demonstrate Antimicrobial Activity Against Oral Pathogens, Journal of Dental Research, 2002; 80:349

Studies show that manuka honey is an effective energy replacement and energy booster and is particularly useful for sports recovery.

So powerful are manuka honey’s antibacterial properties that they have even been found to be effective against MRSA strains of bacteria which are notoriously resistant to antibiotics and sometimes responsible for closing entire hospital wards.