Beauty is…a lovely smile – win a year’s supply of Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste!

Why not give your teeth a little pampering with the help of Beverly Hills Formula?

BHF Perfect White

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White

Elixir has teamed up with Beverly Hills Formula to offer two lucky readers one year’s worth of this premium formula toothpaste each.  The total value of each prize is worth £50 and each of the two winners will receive 6 Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White and 6 Sensitive toothpastes each. To take part in the competition fill out your information below.

As important as using a primer before foundation, give your teeth some TLC with the help of Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive toothpastes brought to you by Beverly Hills Formula helps to keep gums and teeth healthy.

No need for harsh teeth whitening products as Beverly Hills Formula’s range of toothpastes ensure you get a whiter, brighter smile at the same time as keeping your breath minty fresh and combatting gum disease.

BHF Sensitive

Beverly Hills Formula Sensitive

Beverly Hills Formula offer a quality range of teeth whitening toothpastes which are less abrasive than many other leading toothpaste brands with excellent independent research to back up claims.

Independent research commissioned by a leading Dental School in the UK (July 2012) proved that Beverly Hills Formula toothpastes are more effective at removing stains when compared with other leading brands. Studies showed that nearly 91% of stains were removed after using Beverly Hills Perfect White over a 5 minute period, whilst other leading brands scored as low as 41%.

Enriched with key ingredients such as advanced Hydrated Silica which offers high performance whitening enhancement that polishes teeth, whilst the stain dissolvent agent Pentasodium Triphosphate prevents food particles from settling on your teeth.

Beverly Hills Formula offer a complete Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

Beverly Hills Perfect White & Sensitive 75ml RRP: £3.99 Available from Superdrug. For stockist details please call + 35318426611

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