New scar treatment uses skin grown from patient’s own cells

A new method of harvesting a patient’s own skin cells and then using them to jump-start the repair of scar tissue, offers new hope to those with serious injuries and cosmetic issues.

Recell, is a human ‘cell suspension’ made from a section of the patient’s own skin which is then dripped onto the scar area. The area is then covered with special dressing while the skin repairs itself.

In one recent trial study, doctors treated a 60-year-old-woman, with a large, hyperpigmented, deep scar on her abdomen that was the result of a skin graft for breast reconstruction after double mastectomy.

After first having the area treated with a CO2 laser, the patient received ReCell®


A tiny piece of skin (1cm x 1cm, 0.2mm split-thickness) was obtained under local anaesthetic from the patient’s abdomen using a scalpel and processed using ReCell®.

The cell suspension produced from the donor skin sample using the ReCell® processing kit was dripped onto the donor and recipient areas, which were then covered with dressings. TelfaTM Clear as the primary dressing and JelonetTM as the secondary dressing, followed by sterile swabs which remained in place for 7 days.

As you can see from the photographs the positive difference to the scar was dramatic. And a follow-up examination one month after the procedure revealed that the area was free of any inflammation or infection and new skin had covered the whole scar area.

The new skin texture was also the same as the surrounding skin and with the colour and pigment only slightly different to the normal skin. A photograph taken one year after the treatment showed that the there was continued improvement in its appearance.

This treatment is available to NHS patients and also at private clinics. The cost various depending on the area being treated but would be £1,000+.
More information is available on the company website.