New food supplement that immitates gastric band gets regulatory approval

A new food supplement containing a ‘super fibre’ that promises to help the overweight loose pounds by imitating the action of a gastric band, has been approved by European health regulators.

Full & Slim which is now on sale at Boots enables the obese to gain control of their appetite and cholesterol by imitating the effects of a gastric band, without the risks of invasive surgery.  It has been given the green-light  by the European Food Standards Agency.

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Categorised as a a food supplement, it contains high quality glucomannan, a fibre that works by expanding and stimulating the stomach wall, which then signals to the brain that the stomach is full.

This increased sense of ‘fullness’ can help to reduce the amount of food that people eat and in turn lower cholesterol; eventually leading to long term weight loss.

Glucomannan, (Latin name Konjac mannan) is a water-soluble fibre with high molecular weight that thickens in water.  It is extracted from the tuberous roots of the Konjac plant (Amorphophallus Konjac, also known as ‘Voodoo Lily’ or ‘Devil’s Tongue’).

When ingested, Glucomannan soaks up water and increases in volume which not only helps to decrease appetite, but also to absorb fats and regulates cholesterol levels.

Another surprise is that its virtually calorie-free and comes in a choice of flavours (Orange, Mango & Passionfruit, and Grapefruit). A total of  14 pharmaceutical level safety studies have shown that Full & Slim works via a triple-mechanism of actions:

  • Prolonged satiety: Once hydrated, Glucomannan forms a high viscosity gel which expands in volume; food then moves slowly through the digestive system which aids glycaemic control and sends a message to the brain that the stomach is full.
  • Cholesterol reduction: Full & Slim is clinically proven to have a reduction in cholesterol over a period of time.
  • Gives glycaemic control: Good glycaemic control can help to avoid future problems with diabetes.

It also contains the metabolism booster Caffeine free Green Tea Extract (high in ECGC) and L-Carnitine, Full & Slim enables those who wish to gain control of their appetite a safe and healthy way to lose weight at a steady rate

In clinical studies, overweight people taking 3g Glucomannan versus a placebo over 12 weeks, had a 5.04 per cent reduction of weight along with a 5.44 per cent reduction of BMI at 5 weeks of treatment.

During the same trial, in overweight people taking 4g Glucomannan a day a 5.1 per cent reduction in body weight was noted, along with 5.54 per cent drop in BMI. In contrast, variations of the placebo trial were -1.93 per cent in weight and -1.97 per cent in BMI. A total decrease in cholesterol of 11.95 per cent and 13.86 per cent with LDL cholesterol predominance was also experienced.

Mark Hyman, M.D, five-time New York Times bestselling author and an international leader in the field of Functional Medicine said: “Glucomannan can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, reduces your appetite and lowers your blood sugar more effectively than any other fibre. I call it a super fibre and it can also help your health in other ways.”

Full & Slim’s, active ingredient Glucomannan, has been endorsed as a weight-loss break-through by nationally-known doctors such as Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mark Hyman, weight-loss clinics and many top nutritionists and registered dieticians.
Adrian Short, Director of Full & Slim said: “The Full & Slim gels are designed to help consumers make better choices about how they lose weight or maintain their target weight. We believe that diets are only successful in the long run if they are sustainable and ultimately enjoyable; a difficult claim for any diet.”

Full & Slim is designed for people who are serious about losing weight, but is not aimed to support rapid weight loss (healthy weight loss is recommended at 2-3lbs per week depending on age, sex and start weight). Full & Slim should be taken at least 30 minutes before each meal with water.

The following flavour sachets of Full & Slim will be on sale individually in Boots and on, Orange, £1.65, Mango and Passion Fruit, £1.65 (buy 2 sachets get the 3rd free throughout January). Full & Slim mixed box of 21 sachets (3 x 7 sachets of each flavour) is priced at £28.95 (equivalent to £1.38 per sachet).