Longer, sexier and younger hair – we test a new product from Michael van Clarke


London: 3’’ MORE INCHES is a new range of hair conditioning products from London crimper Michael van Clarke. It contains a combination of amino acids (proteins) which coat the hair, protecting it from the ravages of the ageing environment – sun, pollution, smoking and other hair products!

The new range includes a “hero” product – an intensive conditioning treatment that you use every other wash, before you wash(£27.50 for 500ml) a shampoo and conditioner (£16 each for 250ml). Michael worked on developing the new range with clients at his Marylebone, London Salon (pictured).

The critical difference between 3 More Inches range and other products on the market is that it does not contain silicones and polymers which Michael says coat the hair and make it dryer in the long term. 3 More Inches nourishes the hair shaft allowing even the most fragile hair to be grown longer and healthier.

Michael has a passion for his product and believes that having your hair cut just because you have reached the age of 40 is not necessary if you can keep your hair young looking, healthy and gorgeous.

ELIXIR Tried and Tested all three products and our verdict 9.9 out of 10. The shampoo and conditioner left our ageing hair soft as a baby’s! And the treatment gives your hair a super conditioning boost – great swing. They smell great and because of the superior quality ingredients,a little goes a long away.

Michael says: “From my experience over three decades the market has been looking at hair quality from a very narrow perspective. All I hear from various product suppliers for super healthy hair is to give it a cosmetic fix with a plastic or silicone laden product. A Faustian pact of clever shrink wrapping that whilst giving an attractive cosmetic appearance initially, can lead to brittleness over time, shortening life expectancy…

“Or take these pills and rub this snake oil into the scalp to titivate the follicle and problem solved, your hair will flow forth like an Amazonian Goddess. Well that’s just not the case. Sure, if someone is seriously ill their hair will tell. Or if they’re morbidly malnourished (super thin or super fat for that matter) taking some vitamin and mineral supplements is going to have a positive effect on the quality of hair coming out of the scalp.

“But for most of us, our hair starts out okay anyway – granted some more okay than others. It’s what the hair goes through once it’s birthed into daylight that makes the dramatic difference down the road between A-List and D-List. A piece of hair just 6 inches from the root has a life story all its own…

A year of sun, the sea, the colourants, the flat irons, the inept and aggressive blow-drying (who moi?… No? Maybe the idiot at the local salon who doesn’t know or doesn’t care), the one or two hundred washing cycles – all the taking out and just maybe not enough putting back to keep this amazingly strong but not indestructible protein matrix fed, nourished and protected.

That’s what 3’” more inches is addressing. That’s it’s raison d’être”.”

Michael Van Clarke’s new range of conditioning products – 3 More Inches – is available online at www.3moreinches.com and also at his salon at 1 Beaumont Street, London W1G 6DF. T: + 44 (0)20 7224 3123 Email salon@vanclarke.com.
Website: www.vanclarke.com