End temperature taking trauma – Boots launches non-contact thermometer

A new thermometer which can take temperatures without having to prod and probe has been launched by Boots.

Although its primarily aimed at sick children, it could also be useful for older adults who may be suffering a stressful illness.BP NC Thermometer press shot (Copy)
The thermometer uses the latest infrared technology, allowing an accurate forehead temperature to be taken instantly and hygienically from a distance of about 5cm.

It is already being used in NHS hospitals and, after rigorous testing by many mums, has just been awarded Gold and Silver awards in the 2013 Mother & Baby Awards.

Boots research reveals that, although a temperature test is one of the fastest ways to diagnose a potentially serious illness, only 80% of first time pregnant mums don’t own a thermometer. 

 But by the time their baby reaches two years old 96% of mums do, an accurate and reliable thermometer has become a nursery essential for spotting early signs of illness.

There are many different types of thermometer available with reliability hit and miss, so many parents find it confusing about which type to choose.

Unlike other thermometers whose readings are reliant on how and where the device is placed in the mouth, on the forehead or around the ear, the Boots thermometer doesn’t come into contact with the skin, so puts paid to any uncertainty and potentially unreliable temperature readings. It delivers a consistently accurate temperature reading time and time again, without even having to wake or disturb a sleeping child. And because it doesn’t touch the skin, there is no need to purchase replacement probe covers which can be expensive and hard to find.

The Boots Non-Contact Thermometer is multipurpose and, unlike other thermometers, can be used to take body, room or surface temperature so can be used to check nursery temperature and even baby’s bath water. The clear and easy to read colour coded LCD screen removes the guesswork in deciphering the readings and is backlit so that it can easily be read in a darkened room.

The Boots Non-Contact Thermometer is available from Boots stores nationwide and on line at www.boots.com