CoQ10 anti-ageing cream proven to reduce facial ageing, independent report reveals

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Research carried out by leading scientists has revealed that a new skincream containing CoQ10, a powerful natural antioxidant does reduce visible signs of ageing, including wrinkles, age spots and sun damage.

The trial, which took place at The London Dermatology Centre involved patients, both male and female, aged between 32 and 48.

A Visia scan, to detect feature count of wrinkles, UV spots, red areas, texture, pores and brown spots, was performed on patients before and after using the cream.

The patients then used the MitoQ cream daily for eight weeks, and then returned to the clinic for a final scan.

Jacqui b and a red areas

This Visia scan shows a decrease in redness on patient Jaqui’s skin

The research reveals  that in just eight weeks, 69% saw a reduction in red areas. Also, 62% of the trial patients saw a reduction in wrinkles and an improvement in skin texture. The Visia scan results also suggested that 46% saw a reduction in UV spots. The visia data was then analysed by anti-ageing specialist, Dr Sherif Elwakil and dermatologist, Dr Sunil Chopra.

Jacqui b and a UV spots

The Visia scan reveals a substantial reduction in UVA damage after treatment with MitoQ

MitoQ is the invention of Dr Michael Murphy from Cambridge University and Professor Robin Smith from New Zealand’s University of Otago. The two scientists were first looking into a cure for a liver disease when together they designed an electrostatic penetration systemthat specifically targeted mitochondria to deliver Q, the active component of the body’s own organic antioxidant system CoQ, directly into cells at a much higher rate than what was previously possible.

Jacqui b and a wrinkles

Jacqui’s skin before and after treatment with MitoQ reveals a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines

Research in credible scientific journals including Trends in Pharmacological Sciences and Annals of the New York Academy of Science support the scientic findings of the two doctors in respect of MitoQ.

More about the experts who carried out the independent test:
Dr Sunil Chopra: Dermatologist consultant, Dr Chopra is an expert in the field of skincare and health. He is currently treating at his own private practice The London Dermatology Centre where he specialises in facial pigmentation, acne scarring and is an expert at treating the signs of ageing. Dr Chopra also runs a research group into skin cancer and its possible treatments. He has invented an anti-cancer drug which has shown great initial promise.

Dr Sherif Elwakil: Professionally, Dr Elwakil has almost two decades of health care experience. Having performed over 8,000 procedures for clients from all walks of life, Dr Sherif Elwakil is highly respected in the cosmetic medicine industry. And with a loyal client list including celebrities and prominent figures from the Middle East, Dr Elwakil is trusted and valued by all his patients.