Get fit abs & arms in only 15 minutes with The Slide Effect

How many of us have bought the latest fitness gizmo only to discover that it failed to live up to expectations? I for one have an array of gadgets gathering dust in my storage cupboard – and funnily enough they all seem to be devices that target those two difficult areas – the abdominal muscles and underarms.

Well good news from Los Angeles! There is a compact, all-in-one workout station, that doesn’t cost the earth and really works to give you a full body workout in only 15 minutes!

The Slide Effect uses resistance and stretching to work your body into shape in one third of the time. Elixir has managed to get hold of one of these work stations which by the way is light enough to put into a suitcase (8lbs) – so no excuses not to work out wherever you are.

This device was created by USA National Champion athlete and coach, Brandon Larcom, competitive career ended after he shattered a knee. His aim was to find an exercise tool that could be used by top athletes on the move. The secret is max quad muscle training achieved by simultaneously combining four essential forms of exercise for absolute power – cardio, resistance, toning, and stretching.


Brandon Larcom

The central core of the device is used to support the body while you experience a head-to-toe workouts using the power of stretch and resistance with 360° omni-directional sliding handles and custom padded docking station. There is a video at the end of this article which demonstrates the actions involved.

The secret of success with this device is to start out with gentle stretching and build up your range.

Its also made more interesting by the fact that the movements can be used to simulate favourite sports such as swimming and golf.


Simulate the movements of swimming

The Slide Effect comes with an instructional Full Body 360 DVD; yoga and pilates bands for upper and lower body stretching, a user manual, nutrition plan and workout guide. The exercises develop lateral muscular training and challenge the stabiliser muscles in your core, hips, and shoulders; resulting in improved muscular balance. Because you work even your weakest link, power performance increases as well as injury prevention as muscles lengthen and stretch.


Brandon said: “The lifestyle of a professional athlete means constantly being on the move, while overcoming the challenge of maintaining peak performance,” said Brandon. “I wanted to create an effective and quick full body workout system that would ensure the athletes’ energy reaches optimal levels when it counted most – on the ice, field or court. Whether you’re traveling for business, in your living room, or on your way to the next big competition; anyone can use it to receive that intense workout, in just a matter of minutes.”



The Slide Effect system is $149.85 and only purchased at:

Elixir loved this device which is not only great value for money, but works and can be taken anyway because it is so light and compact. You can even keep it at the office as all the attachments wrap around the central core so it takes up very little space.

And we can tell you there is no dust on this gizmo!

Watch the video to see the Slide Effect in action: