Cheska – why I am no longer a fag hag

Cheska from the UK realityTV show, Made in Chelsea,  gave up smoking at the start of the New Year and had a teeth and mouth hygiene makeover at the London Smile Clinic to get her teeth looking sparkling and healthy again.

cheska image for LSC No Smoking Day 2013-thumb-567x594-1112

Francesca Hull (Cheska from popular E4 series Made in Chelsea) said: “My decision to quit smoking is something I hope to never go back on. My life is pretty hectic and I’m always on the go with meetings, photo shoots, interviews and filming for Made in Chelsea, so it’s important to me that my teeth look good and I have fresh breath.

“After I gave up smoking using the Allen Carr 5 hour programme I was even more conscious about my teeth looking their best.  I wanted to have a proper dental MOT; a check-up and stain removal as part of a very thorough hygiene clean and a consultation for an at-home whitening treatment. The London Smile Clinic team were fantastic and totally rejuvenated my smile – it’s always a lovely experience when I visit them. I know I can rely on them to get me the results I’m looking for.”

So support your own health and ditch the cigarettes on STOP SMOKING DAY: 13th March 2013.