Cherie Lunghi on her battle with joint pain

For men of a certain age Cherie Lunghi ranks as almost the perfect woman, writes Jon Guy.  An English rose with a dash of Italian she has been one of the most successful British actresses over the past 30 years.

Cheriedancing.jpgCherie on Strictly Come Dancing

Talk to a man and depending on how old they are, say the name Cherie Lunghi and you will either get a wistful hark back to her role as Guinevere in the film Excalibur in 1981 or those slightly younger will remember her as Gabriella Benson, the star of Channel Four‘s The Manageress, in which she played the first female football manager of a professional football team in a critically acclaimed drama. More recently she has starred in a series of adverts of a well known coffee.

Far be it from me to reveal her age, you’ll have to go on Google for that, but when you meet here face-to-face she does not look anything like that number and maintains a slim figure and a sparkle in her eyes.

CherieasStephanie.jpgShe does however take her health seriously and has suffered from back pain for some years hence why she was happy to meet me at the launch of new research by Regenovex. into the issue of joint pain and ticking time bomb it will be for the population as many ignore joint care until they feel the pain and the long term damage is done. It was the same for Cheri.

“I had always been active and thought little about my joints until one day when I was simply moving a box and suddenly my back went into spasm,” she explains. “It was agony and I suddenly realised I had a problem.”

She is a firm believer that for best results people need to start actively caring for their joints before they become problems.

“I was an actress and as such I spent hours onset and then headed out in the evening came home had a few hours sleep and was back on the set. My body put up with a lot and as I got older I suppose it suddenly said ‘I’ve done what I can but need to slow down’ and people need to look at their joints and how to protect them from a far earlier age. I do not think anyone really thinks about the problems they might have with their joints until they actually start to feel pain. But if we care for our joints when we are younger there is far more chance we can keep them in better shape.

‘I take the Regenovex capsules daily’ says Cherie. ‘After three weeks of taking them I noticed it working. I also use the Regenovex Patches, a flexible patch that lasts for up to 12 hours. ‘I find Regenovex invaluable as when I get that sore feeling in my back I can stick on one of the Regenovex patches and leave it there overnight – when I wake up in the morning the pain has disappeared. Any ingredient which can help
with my joint health is worth a lot.”

Regenovex is a range of joint care products especially rich in omega 3 from natural marine Bionovex Oil(R) and Hyaluronic acid, to maintain joint health. Bionovex Oil(R) is produced from a unique proprietary extraction process resulting in a high quality oil and the concentration of ETA is up to 40 times greater than in conventional green lipped mussel extracts.

Joint care is one thing but Cherie says that other areas of her life have also changed as she grows older.

“I rarely drink now if at all,” she explained. “The days when there were always bottles of wine in the fridge are gone. I will still go out at night but I will not drink and I will ensure that I am back at a reasonable time.

“I look at my diet and in many ways just recognise that I need to give something back to my body after the years it has given to me without any real complaint.”

She says she continue sot enjoy acting and relishes the chance to do live theatre but for this fan of her role in the Manageress there was one big let down.

Her character was the ideal woman for many men, not only attractive but with an expert knowledge of football.

“I have to admit I know nothing about football,” she admits. “I didn’t at the time and I had to spend three days with a former professional footballer who took me round a club and gave me a master class on what I needed to know. I am an actress so I suppose my role is to make the character believable.”


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