Think by David Meine

The brain has incredible power to shape our choices, and in turn, our bodies – and much of that happens beyond our conscious awareness.

The creators of most weight loss plans are experts in nutrition and exercise physiology and have wonderful insights into the human body. But they do not necessarily understand how the mind works. If your brain is not engaged in creating your ideal shape, any weight you lose will eventually come back – plus a few more pounds.


The internal mental processes that guide our choices and actions can be very complicated. In fact, scientists believe that up to 80% of our thoughts and actions are dictated at the subconscious level. This is why it’s so important to program your mind to work with you toward your health goals, at all levels of consciousness.

It starts with understanding the 10 negative behaviors that are holding you back from achieving your ideal shape. In Think: Use Your Mind to Shrink Your Waistline, certified weight loss hypnotherapist David Meine teaches you how to program your brain to:

Consistently get a good night’s sleep Deal with stress effectively Visualize having your ideal body shape Prevent sabotage from yourself and others Drink more water throughout the day Adopt appetite-regulating eating habits Reduce dependency on sugar Get in the habit of exercising regularly Learn to eat until satisfied not full.

These positive habits are all that’s standing between you and achieving your ideal shape – not to mention, confidence, mental clarity, energy and improved quality of life. Motivational hypnosis uses visualization, repetition, reinforcement, stress reduction and relaxation techniques to help you become open to new, positive thoughts and ideas.

These same techniques are used by psychologists, teachers, marketers, and company leaders everywhere. It’s time we start using these powerful techniques to achieve with our most important goal: creating a happy, healthy life.

This is a useful self-help book, even if its main purpose is to drive you to purchase one of Mr Meine’s CDs!  If all that you take away is that you should drink more water and get a good night’s sleep, then its a worthwhile read.

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