Subtle aesthetic treatments with big impact – Elixir tries the latest

As we age it goes without saying that we will lose the fresh bloom of youth.  But that does not mean we have to let everything fall apart and then blame it on age and the inevitability of it all. That goes for looking after our general health with adequate amounts of exercise, a healthy diet and a fulfilling social life. This will help ensure that we not only look as good as we can for our age but also feel good.

But we must be kind to ourselves for not always doing what we should given the hectic pace of life in today’s multi-tasking digital global world! So what can you do when you look in the mirror and you have to admit you are looking a little world-weary? Well my advice is that you should not do anything extreme – that you may regret in a few years time. You only have to look around Harley Street – at some of the anti-ageing doctors themselves and the celebrity tabloids, to see  the results of this unrealistic obsession with youth.  Going under the knife is almost always an irreversible mistake where the unique beauty of a face and a personality is gone forever.

I am not against minimalist surgery – a little tweak here and there which can be undetectable.  But nowadays there is a lot you do instead. I am a fan of non-invasive techniques that can do a lot to restore skin quality, particularly of the face.  So what did I do a few months ago when I looked in the mirror and felt it was time to do something to give my skin a boost?

I turned to the experts who also favour minimalist non-invasive treatments and can demonstrate good results.

One of those is Dr Elizabeth Dancy of the Bijoux Medi Spa in Belgravia.  Elizabeth was one of the founders of aesthetic rejuvenation treatments in the UK when she introduced mesotherapy – the vitamin-boosting skin injections favoured by Continental ladies.


Dr Elizabeth Dancy of the Bijoux Medi Spa in Belgravia, London

A few years ago I tried Dermaroller when it first launched at her clinic  – this is a roller which delivers multi-punctures to the skin without making it bleed but damages the collagen, thereby encouraging it to repair and produce newer and younger skin. The skin goes a little red and it’s a bit painful I recall but this is gone by the following day and the process of renewal takes place over the next few weeks.

I really liked this treatment because the skin quality improves and any droop around the jowels lifts a little or a lot depending on age and lifestyle. But you do have to be realistic about what can be achieved.

My experience of this treatment was around five years ago as I am reminded by Faye Parke when I visit Bijoux to experience the latest form of this micro-needling treatment – eDermastamp.  This costs £360 for an area such as the face.  First of all a powerful topical numbing cream is applied 45 minutes before the treatment.

Electronic micro-needling is 50 times more effective than Dermeroller and suitable for most people.  After the numbing cream is removed the eDermastamp treatment begins. Faye uses a  small tip containing around  6 needles which penetrate 1.5mm into the skin causing minor trauma which stimulates what is known as ‘a blood red spot reaction”.  It all happens very quickly which I think makes it less painful

To get an even better results hyaluronic acid is applied to the skin – this optimises results by refreshing and plumping the skin.  The skin is only worked over once with the needle penetrating 50 times in each motion. As I’ve said this treatment is not without discomfort but on a scale of 1 to 10 Iwould say it was around 3 and I am sensitive. My skin was a little red and felt a bit hot but that was easily toned downwith a gel and some mineral make-up.

You can watch what happens in this video.

This is a treatment that I rave about if anyone asks me for a great anti-ageing result.  Clearly it’s better to start this kind of thing when skin just starts to look a bit tired – and that can happen to some people earlier than others, particularly if they smoke and take too much sun.  The results are immediate and carry on for months.  A course of three treatments is recommended every few years.

In my case it lifted my face overall and got rid of some fine lines which has started so I will be back for some more!

Another real results treatment is ULTRAcel which combines three different technologies to target ageing in three different levels of the skin. It can be used on the face and the body. The company also have evidence that it works from clinical trials so no photoshopped images here!

I had my treatment at the Rita Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridge. Donna Ofsofke, a technical expert in this technology, who works for ULTRAcel, carried out my treatment

She has a great ‘bedside manner’ and put me at ease.  I was a bit nervous as many years ago I had tried a laser treatment which had made by face feel and look as if it can been in a nuclear blast.  And to literally add insult to injury my skin looked no better than it did before.

ULTRAcel is the first non-invasive treatment to combine these three technologies in one to safely target all skin layers.  It happens in one simple procedure without any downtime, and its suitable for all skin-types and tones.


ULTRAcel works by harnessing three different anti-ageing technologies in one machine to rejuvenate the skin

The three technologies are radio frequency for the upper dermis, radio frequency micro-needling for the dermis and high intensity focused ultrasound for the SMAS – this are the muscles that are usually tightened by surgery in a full-facelift. They can be used along or in combination to achieve short and long-term results.

Find out more on this video:

Prior to the treatment a patient fills in an extensive medical questionnaire to verify their suitability for treatment. You may develop cold sores, for example, as it tends to trigger them in some people.

Donna carried out the radio frequency treatment first.  This causes an immediate lift and is warming and pleasant. The ultra-sound which penetrates down to the SMAS is a little more painful. This is caused by the ultrasound energy penetrating deep below the surface of the skin and is a temporary positive sign that the collagen-building process has been initiated – I am told!

In my case I felt as I had been slapped for about a week afterwards but it was ony a dull ache. The anti-ageing effect is seen right away but the impact of the ultra-sound continues for 2 months after with people remarking on the firmness of my skin.

The general downward droop of my face, particularly my chin and neck, was reversed immediately and I looked fresher and younger. As I left the Hans Crescent clinic more than happy about what I had experienced.

The treatment starts from £795. This may seem expensive but its a lot cheaper and safer than a facelift. There is a list of clinics providing this treatment on the ULTRAcell website