The new high-tec Micropen Facial at 111 Harley Street delivers younger skin by going under the needle not the knife!

As a fan of micro-needling the skin – that is damaging it very slightly to boost collagen production as the skin repairs itself, I was intrigued to hear of a new treatment on offer at 111 Harley Street – the Micropen Facial.

It is the concept of cosmetic surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides, the man behind an innovative new range of anti-ageing nutraceuticals which utilise space technology to stop skin ageing. The range was launched last year.


Dr Yannis Alexandrides of 111 Harley Street

Now Yannis has come up with another new weapon to help keep us looking young and dewy – the Micropen Facial. This is a combination of his new Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask and an electric pen, with 11 needles that puncture the skin allowing the cocktail of anti-ageing nutrients in the mask to penetrate deeper into the skin for even better results.

So, by invitation I become one of the first to sample the Micropen Facial.

At £250 for a one-hour treatment is is not cheap. But it is an hour of bliss, away from the hustle and bustle,  that also de-stresses – and that gets rid of a few wrinkles just by itself.  As well as the facial I also experienced a shoulder and neck massage.

Mask big

The Bio Cellulose Face Mask costs £22 for 1 or £75 for 5 at

My skin-care therapist, Melisaa Nel began by cleaning my skin with a glycolic cleanser; then sterilising the surface before going it the once-over with the Micropen – 11 tiny needles that puncture the skin at speed.

I was slightly apprehensive as clearly, like most people, I don’t enjoy pain and the Dermaroller does hurt even with a topical anaesthetic. But I needn’t have worried since the treatment was virtually painless. The tiny needles went over my skin again and again. It was only slightly uncomfortable even around those areas which are normally more sensitive such as above the lip and under the eye.

The treatment was followed with a topical cover of Yannis’s Facelift Repair Y Theorem (£190 for 30ml.  It was left for 10 minutes while my skin absorbed the mixture.  Then came the mask.  Its texture was gel-like and I wondered whether it was something that might have been used in surgery, perhaps to cover wounds in patients whose skin had been burned. As it  turned out I was right.

It was delightfully cooling but not wet.  So I laid back and almost fell asleep during the next 10 minutes.  Unfortunately it was soon time for me to leave.  And my strict instructions were no makeup, at least for the next 24 hours.

I looked in the mirror before leaving 111 Harley Street – my skin was not red and believe me I have the sort of skin that goes red.  It has now been two weeks since the treatment and my skin is definitely plumper and my wrinkles have decreased…so its a winner for me!



About the 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Mask

The mask adheres to your face like a second skin. The gel like structure of the mask will instantly cool and regulate body temperature. Since the fibres of the masks are 500x finer than tissue masks, the bio cellulose instantly locks moisture into your skin and enables a deeper penetration of three key ingredients that we have added. This mask contains Arbutin to brighten, Silk Amino Acids to condition and Centella Asiatica to stimulate collagen production. and