Neals Yard Remedies helping Kenyan women build better lives

Neal’s Yard Remedies anti-ageing Frankincense skincare collection has a new star product, which not only contains great quality natural ingredients but is also helping to support the community in Kenya where the main constituent is harvested.

Kenyan women The launch, of the new Frankincense Intense cream, was held at the  Souk Medina in Covent Garden. And I am told how the woman harvest the frankincense, an amber-like sap that flows from the tree after it has been cut. Since even though they do all the work, they are not allowed (by the men folk) to own possessions, including money, the income from the frankincense is paid to the whole community.  It is used for essentials such as drilling a new water well and providing education for children.



The new anti-ageing cream is very luxurious – combining top quality natural ingredients, as you would expect from the UK’s oldest apothecary brand, but with new scientific technology. It also contains plant stem cells from the Gardenia plant and three peptides – these work together to enhance effect of the frankincense to boost collagen production. All this is in a base of essential oils including baobab, macadamia, grapeseed, tumeric and argan.

All ingredients are GMO free and certified by the FairWild Foundation that promotes the sustainable collection of wild ingredients.


Frankincense trees growing wild in northern Kenya

So does it work? The cream is aimed at the 45+ market and has undergone an 8-week clinical trial of 30 women in the target age-group, who used the product twice daily. The majority reported a decrease in lines and wrinkles. The photos were on show at the press launch and they were remarkable positive reductions in crows feet from a cream that costs only £55 for 50g.



Frankincense Intense age defying cream goes on sale from September.  Buy at