Aussie businesswoman builds empire on our obsession with zapping body hair

Sue Ismiel

The lovely Sue – founds of Nads


Examples of the Nads product range

Australian business woman Sue Ismiel runs a global business built on our obsession for removing body hair in all its guises and wherever it tries to hide!

Her worldwide established brand, Nads, is named after one of her three daughters (more about that later), has products to attack hair virtually anywhere it grows on the body – and I am sure with a bit of imagination you could use it in places so far not thought of – at least by most of us!

There is bikini line wax, Brazilian wax, facial wax, ingrowing hair wax, eyebrow wax…and the most innovative of all the world’s only nostril wax – the latter had some doctors up in arms over the fact that nose hair is an essential filter of the pollution and other nasties in our environment.

But I was recently lucky enough to meet Sue while she was on a flying visit to London to promote the brand and she reassured me that Nads Nostril wax only removes the hair you can see sprouting outwards and downwards. As a chap in a You Tube video shrieks after pulled out the Nads special wax device from his nostril: “It looks like a nostril cactus!”

Sue Ismiel and Daughters

Sue Ismiel and Daughters

Nads started in Sue’s kitchen in 1992 when she tried to come up with a solution to her daughter’s arm hair problem. Today although the business is global, Sue Ismiel & Daughters is still family-owned and run.

Sue and her three daughters; Nadine, Natalie and Naomi, strive to develop and market naturally based products to help 
women and their families look 
good and feel great.

Sue and her family, as well as being actively involved in the day-to-day running of the company also support a number of charities where the issue of excess hair can be extremely distressing.

As for promoting the issue of being overly hair as a subject for marketing – there is you have to admit humour in being hairy as this video demonstrates

 Nose hair removal first became popular in New York but this Aussie DIY version costs only £17.99 – buy at