The Best – Little black dress shapewear


Curves are BIG news this season so why not give yours a boost with the revolutionary new Exaggerate range from Ann Summers. This sleek and sexy collection has been specifically designed with smooth clean lines and super enhancing inbuilt pads for the bum and bust to help you achieve the perfect little black dress silhouette. Buy at

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 The second is the ‘In-Control’ range which is our slimming yet sexy shapewear range that is not only designed to flatten your tum and lift your bum but is super sexy too so getting caught in it at the end of the night is far from embarrassing!
With this amazing new slimming, but also stunning range, you can forget the Christmas diet, forget worrying about your lumps and bumps and most importantly forget about being caught in Bridget Jones knickers at the end of the night! This range is by far the sexiest Shapewear on the high street and certainly nothing to hide.
The special control panelling not only provides an illusion of being slimmer but creates curves to rival those of Nicole Scherzinger, a must have in my eyes. The range allows you to drop a dress size and boost your bust by up to a cup size in an instant. Buy at



This very close-fitting slip is perfect for under the most revealing dresses. Stockist


Too sexy not to show – wear under a suit and show off the lace. 08445 616161

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TED BAKER Blue and lace- shapewear £36

All you need is a skirt or maybe wear it as a dress…Buy at 08445 616161


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The Belvia Bodysuit targets your waist, hips, stomach, sides, bottom, back and under your bust. It’s almost invisible under clothes and has a brief style bottom to eliminate uneven shaping around the thighs. And you can wear your bra as normal, without any bumps at the back. You can enjoy a more trim and toned figure, and show off a beautiful hourglass silhouette. Buy at ASDA, Boots and online at

A range of shapewear made with edges finished so that you get no visible pantyline.  Buy online at


Italian shapewear brand, Vercella Vita, is available exclusively on QVC. The new collection, for women who want a little bit of luxury in their everyday life, consists of gorgeous garments intended to be the foundation of any outfit.
Each piece is produced in the Vercelli region of Italy in a beautiful high grade Italian yarn, created to give the garments the super soft silky feel everyone requires from their foundations items. Prices range from £33 to £70 for pieces that will boost your confidence through helping to create a slimmer silhouette.

 Vercella Vita V-Neck Slip Dress with Spaghetti Straps
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Get younger undies – video tips from fit guru


London: Make your underwear a fashion statement, with expert advice from Bravissimo fit guru Jacqui Jagger on the hottest new bras for your shape.

Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes. Yet they often get overlooked when it comes to giving them the proper and individual support they need. Many of us have never had a professional bra fitting. We tend to spend hours finding the right shade of makeup or the right style of clothes to suit us, so why not put as much effort into finding the right bra. A good bra can change the way you look in and out of your clothes.

So if you’re more Kelly Brooke than Kate Moss when it comes to your chest, an ill-fitting bra can leave you with little support and potential long-term back problems.

Finding a bra that looks and feels great can make a huge difference to your confidence, leaving you feeling and looking sexy. In this video we have top fitter Jacqui Jagger to show you the most stylish bras available at the moment, as well as some of the best clothes to flatter your figure. She will be giving her expert advice to help us girls look after our breast assets.

Click on the link below to watch video advice: How To

For more information visit www.bravissimo

Is your bra damaging your breasts?

London: Women could be damaging their breasts without realising it, according to scientists at the University of Portsmouth.

As well as discovering that some women’s breasts could be damaged and fragile ligaments irreparably stretched by wearing the wrong bras, scientists in the Department of Sports Science have also found that women could be damaging their breasts through ignorance or embarrassment.

The University’s research team has tested about 50 bra designs on hundreds of women over the past three years under the leadership of Dr Joanna Scurr, a breast biomechanics expert. Her research proves that breasts move up to 21cm during exercise and they move up and down, in and out and from side to side. Most bras are designed to limit just vertical movement.

Wendy Hedger, a researcher on Dr Scurr’s team, said: “Many women have strong preferences for certain styles of bra and won’t buy anything else. They won’t even look at anything that doesn’t look like the sort of bra they are used to wearing. In sports bras, for example, many women won’t buy a bra that resembles their everyday bra and does up at the back — they think if it can’t be pulled over their heads like a crop top then it’s not a real sports bra. But this is not true and many sports bras do up at the back in the same way as a traditional bra and do a very good job of supporting women.

“And some women cause breast pain or discomfort by not buying the right sized bra. There’s a social stigma about certain sizes; many women don’t want to be seen as too small or too big and buy a bra that doesn’t fit well in order to be what they consider to be a normal size.

“Many other women are unaware that they are wearing a badly fitting bra or unknowingly wear the wrong bra size because they are routinely being sold ill-fitting bras.

“Some women forget that their shape and size change and they might have to go through several changes in bra size over their lifetime especially after breastfeeding and the menopause.”

The breast biomechanics research team started testing bras and the movement of women’s breasts more than three years ago. They have also helped design a new sports bar for women who play high-impact sports. Dr Scurr agreed to help a New Zealand bra manufacturer give their existing high-impact bra a major overhaul and the new bra goes on sale in Europe this summer.

Miss Hedger said: “They came to us because they knew their bra protected women in high-impact sports but they weren’t sure it supported women well enough. The tests incIuded measuring precisely how much breasts moved in all three directions, as well as more subjective tests about how women felt about the fit, the shape, the strap design and the underband and so on.

“We are really excited about seeing it. It’s the first chance we have had to be involved in the design process of a new bra, though we have tested many over the past few years. We started breast biomechanics research just testing bras but we want to do more research that benefits women.”