Dr Pierre Cloutier MD – Quebec

Dr Pierre Cloutier MD Member of the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine 2457 du Versant Magog, Quebec, Canada T/F: 819 847-8478 drcloutier@cgocable.ca http://sites.rapidus.net/pieclout/ A specialist in anti-ageing medicine, Dr Cloutier uses blood testing and health/lifestyle questionnaire to determine the correct … Continue reading

Aloha Medical Center – Hawaii

Aloha Medical Center, 460 Ena Road, Suite 603, Waikiki 808-732-0888 Aloha Medical Center 460 Ena Road, Suite 603 Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 (808) 732-0888 Aloha Medical Center is a physician-directed center, which offers growth hormone replacement, hyperbaric oxygen, intravenous (IV) nutrition … Continue reading