Soup can make you thin!

Soup Can Make You Thin.jpgFiona Kirk, nutritionist and author of two much-acclaimed fat loss books, So What the F*** Should I Eat? and 2 Weeks in the Fast Lane is on a mission to prove that soup CAN and WILL make you thin and help you rediscover your waistline in just 10 days with her exciting new eBook: Soup Can Make You Thin.


Highlighting WHY soup can make you thin, how it can fit into your day AND which soups to eat at which time of the day to make you and keep you thin, this easy to use guide and supporting champion not only the role soup plays in fast and lasting fat loss but also why we should have a daily bowl of ‘nutritional perfection’ for all-round good health: stronger bones, better skin, hormonal balance, improved cholesterol and blood pressure levels, better digestion and tip-top metabolism.


The book kicks off with a Flab-Fighting Plan enabling dieters to lose up to 10lbs in 10 days with super-skinny soup recipes and nutrition advice. The Soup-It-Up section adds a selection of skinny soup recipes for continued and steady fat loss plus lots of suggestions on how and when to fit soup into your daily diet and which soups to pick when you are eating out or buying off the shelf. Finally, there are the fat loss forever ‘maintenance’ soup recipes for long term waist and weight management.


Fiona explains, “Supping soup should be a deliciously-nutritious, satisfying experience and when it comes to getting our waistlines in order, is nothing short of a miracle in a bowl. Whilst my nutritional knowledge and extensive research allows me to promote the principles behind why a bowl of good nutritious soup delivers on so many levels, the proof of the pudding is definitely in the eating in this case. Enter my great friend and soup supremo, Jean Barr who has devised a range of delicious fat-busting soup recipes. Fat loss has never been easier, quicker, tastier or lighter on the pocket.”


Seven Souperb Reasons To Soup-Up Your Life


  1. soup targets fat loss fast
  2. soup fills you up and controls hunger and cravings
  3. soup is quick, nutritious and easy on the pocket
  4. soup reduces water retention and boosts metabolism
  5. soup feeds the bones, brain, skin and hormones
  6. soup promotes good blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  7. soup controls inflammation and fights viruses



Soup Can Make You Thin is available in eBook format via  

priced £5.99.


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Beat the Battle of the Bulge with Batchelors Soupfulls


London: Batchelors has launched a new range of delicious and wholesome soups, appropriately named Soupfulls. Filling and satisfying, each soup is loaded with quality, chunky meat and vegetables, making it hard to decide whether to use a fork or a spoon!

Soupfulls are healthy and convenient meals, that do not compromise on taste or quality. Perfect either for lunch when you want to eat something filling to keep you going throughout the day, or for when you have been rushed off your feet and want an easy to prepare, quick and light dinner. Or for when you just want to eat a piping hot, sumptuous bowl of soup!

Soupfulls are available in five delicious flavours; Classic Beef & Vegetable, Tuscan Tomato & Pasta, Chicken & Country Vegetable, Creamy Chicken Potato & Mushroom and Mediterranean Vegetable and all come in easy to open, foil pouches for added freshness. Batchelors have selected only the finest ingredients and used the greatest of care to prepare Soupfulls so that the natural taste and goodness of all ingredients are retained.

These satisfying, tasty soups are packed full of nutritious ingredients and provide a balanced meal, full of vitamins ideal for the health conscious choice. The Tuscan Tomato and Pasta soup, for example, contains only 208 calories and 1.6g of saturated fat per 400g pouch.

The range includes no MSGs, artificial colours or preservatives and are low in fat, plus they can also be easily cooked in either a microwave or hob for just a few minutes, making Soupfulls a healthy and convenient tummy filler.

Just empty the contents, heat, serve and enjoy and decide between the fork or the spoon!

Batchelors Soupfulls are available nationwide in the UK now.

They are available in five flavours, Classic Beef & Vegetable, Tuscan Tomato & Pasta, Chicken & Country Vegetable, Creamy Chicken Potato & Mushroom and Mediterranean Vegetable.

RRP is £1.39.