Aussie Beauty Ellie Chosen as New Face of Revlon


Elle Macpherson has signed up as a global brand spokesperson for cosmetics giant Revlon and will feature in print and TV advertising campaigns.

The 44-year-old supermodel’s role will also involve her promoting women’s counselling services and breast cancer research.

“Revlon is an iconic brand, bringing high quality products to women around the world and is complementary to my values. I am proud to join Revlon in its celebration of women and in its long-term commitment and support for education and research to advance women’s health and particularly to fight women’s cancers,” she said.

The Australian beauty – who is nicknamed ‘The Body’ – will join Halle Berry and Jessica Alba in endorsing Revlon.

Revlon’s president David Kennedy added: “Elle’s special qualities as a businesswoman, beautiful and talented model, actress and mother represent the essence of the Revlon brand.”

Elle has experimented with several career paths, including acting roles in ‘Sirens’ alongside Hugh Grant and hit US TV show ‘Friends’.

She has also launched a successful lingerie line, ‘Elle Macpherson Intimates’, designed a range of beauty products for British high street store Boots and was appointed to the board of surfwear company Hot Tuna(International) in 2006.


Brits clean up!


London: British people spend almost as much on personal grooming products as they do on products to keep their house clean, according to new research from domestic cleaning company MOLLY MAID.

The survey found that 86 per cent spend up to £25 a month on cleaning products, with 85 per cent spending the same amount on beauty and grooming items.

But as far as putting those cleaning products to good use, it is the women who do most of the work around the house: only a quarter of men are responsible for all or most of the cleaning in their home compared to 69 per cent of all women. Over half (51 per cent) of women spend more than three hours a week on housework, compared to 60 per cent of men who spend less than three hours a week on house work. A quarter of men spend less than one hour a week on housework.

Both sexes may have different approaches to how much they clean, but they do agree that the kitchen is the most important room to clean, followed by the bathroom for women and the sitting room for men. But both also agree that bathrooms are the most annoying room in the home to clean and kitchens the hardest.

Although men spend almost as much on their house grooming as they do on their personal grooming, they won’t get a look in with a woman who has caught their eye if they don’t put those cleaning products to good use. The survey found that 91 per cent of women are put off by a man who doesn’t keep his house in order.

Pam Bader, Chief Executive of MOLLY MAID said: “We may spend the same amount on cleaning as personal grooming but while today’s women are putting those cleaning products to good use and keeping their home clean and tidy, men are letting theirs gather dust in the kitchen cupboard. In this time starved age when commuting takes long and we work longer hours, a MOLLY MAID clean can really help you keep on top of household chores.”

About the survey
All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 1,997 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 9th – 11th January 2008. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).

MOLLY MAID is one of the world’s largest professional domestic cleaning services, carrying out 2 million home cleans every year worldwide. Initially founded in Canada in 1979, MOLLY MAID currently trades in Canada, USA, Japan, Portugal, Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the UK

MOLLY MAID offers a 100 per cent guaranteed, flexible and affordable domestic cleaning service. Staff are fully insured, work in teams of two and arrive in MOLLY MAID branded cars, bringing with them all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies.

MOLLY MAID came to the UK in 1985 and has grown from a standing start to 69 Franchise Owners nationwide and a current annual turnover of over £12 million.

Pam Bader, OBE FRSA, has been with MOLLY MAID since the beginning in the UK, and has given many people who do not have any formal qualifications or business experience the opportunity to run their own businesses from home. The network of Franchise Owners is a mix of both men and women who wanted to take the step into running their own business but wanted the security and support of a national brand behind them.

Lumineers – the new way to transform your smile


LUMINEERS® by Cerinate® porcelain veneers is the pain free, non-invasive cosmetic dental treatment which will transform any smile into a whiter, brighter, full-on beam and enhance your appearance.

LUMINEERS was developed by the California-based corporation Den-Mat and is now available for the first time in the UK. LUMINEERS are as thin as a contact lens and are bonded to the front of the teeth – so a stunning new look can be created – with only two visits to the dentist. This treatment is ideal for misaligned, misshapen, stained, discoloured or widely spaced teeth without the need to grind down healthy tooth structure. It can even cover existing crowns or bridgework.

A patient pictured before is shown on the right and after treatment below.

Lumineers are available from approved cosmetic dentists who assess your suitability. LUMINEERS do not require the removal of sensitive tooth structure and no temporaries are needed. A unique set of LUMINEERS are then created and fitted to the front of the teeth without the need for injections. Once they approve their look and feel.

LUMINEERS are permanently bonded, and will look natural and feel comfortable right from the start.

LUMINEERS are made from Cerinate porcelain and will be made to match existing teeth. They can be cared for and treated as normal using a regular brush and non-abrasive toothpaste.

These permanent porcelain veneers are clinically proven to last up to 20 years with no need for drilling; LUMINEERS can disguise and strengthen unattractive teeth. A LUMINEERS smile also offers instant teeth straightening and looks completely genuine.

Appearances are always improved with an enhanced smile and having a bright and confident beam is the key to feeling and looking great. With LUMINEERS anyone can be confident that their smile is one to be proud of – change smiles and see how it can change lives!

For more information, please visit: or contact DKAP International on 0800 028 0155.

Cosmetic surgery more popular in UK than anywhere in Europe


London: 1,500 cosmetic treatments are carried out in Britain every day by women and men aspiring to a new notion of beauty

577,000 cosmetic operations and treatments were carried out in Britain in 2007. Cosmetic fillers and other non-invasive treatments have had the biggest increases, accounting for 472,000 of the total -that’s nearly 1,300 a day.

As non-invasive procedures like cosmetic fillers start to make injections a gentler experience, many women are simply thinking ‘why not?’ The UK launch of Juvéderm® ULTRA range, the first cosmetic filler with anaesthetic, heralds things to come as for many people, the idea of being injected was the one thing holding them back.

Yet it is not just medical progress that is the catalyst for the increase in cosmetic treatments. An international study confirms that women are attempting to capture a new notion of beauty. The global survey, commissioned by Allergan, revealed that women do not want to remove all traces of aging and look ‘perfect’, choosing instead to reduce some specific wrinkles, like frown lines. It also found that UK women are literally under the most pressure in the world to look good. 59% felt there is increasingly more pressure on them to look more attractive compared to 48% of US women and 30% of traditionally glamorous Italians.

The ever-growing pressure on women to meet all expectations while looking effortlessly, naturally beautiful means the beauty ideal is no longer defined by the need to look perfect. That’s why stars with ‘natural’ beauty like Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman have topped the ‘natural look’ list for both men and women. In fact anti-aging creams are now something that 1 in 10 men in the UK would consider as part of their grooming routine.

For more information on Juvéderm® visit

Oriental beauty that works from the inside out


Beauty from the inside out in the buzz for 2008. Whilst it is the creams and lotions of major high street brands that tend to grab the headlines, there are some more traditional remedies that people have been using for centuries and which can have just as good, if not better results.

Bucking the trend – The Forgotton Omega

Whilst Omegas 3 and 6, the essential fatty acids, have been hailed as the ‘must have’ ingredients for healthy skin, there is another Omega that could play an even bigger role. The richest source of this Forgotton Omega is an oil from a prickly shrub known as Sea Buckthorn, which now it has reached the shores of the UK could quickly find itself as the must have of 2008

Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides) is a well recognized source of traditional herbal medicine, vitamins and nutrients, and has been used in parts of Asia as an anti-aging and medicinal skin care product for many hundreds of years. Whilst the berries of the Sea Buckthorn plant have been hailed as ‘exotic’ superfoods, with numerous uses and being rich in many important nutrients, it is their effect on skin that has received the most attention.

The first person to think of extracting the oil from this prickly shrub and rub it on their skin must have been thought mad by their piers, but due to its high content of nutrients, essential for the metabolism of skin cells, Sea Buckthorn helps to combat wrinkles, dryness and other symptoms of malnourished or prematurely aging skin.

Scientists now believe our most delicate body tissues, especially the skin membranes, use Omega 7 fatty acids as vital building blocks and one of the most concentrated sources of Omega 7 is Sea Buckthorn. Environmental stressors, such as sunlight and pollution, poor diet, and even normal aging, can challenge these sensitive membranes, and Omega 7 fatty acids are now being hailed as important agents to nourish, protect, replenish, moisturise, and restore.

Whilst the body can make Omega 7 itself, unlike Omegas 3 and 6, it is nevertheless thought that supplementation with Omega 7 could have large health implications for the skin and other bodily membranes.

Studies now support the use of Sea Buckthorn Oil1 for problem skin, including conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, and confirm that it is largely the berries’ high content of Omega 7 that is behind the benefits. This effect of Sea Buckthorn on external membranes has led to further research into how supplementation can help with digestive and genital tract lining problems 2.

Sea Buckthorn also contains Omegas 3, 6 and 9 and has been linked to various other health benefits including boosting the immune system and further anti-aging properties.

So, to give your skin a new start in 2008 and help get it looking fresh and young you should remember the prickly Sea Buckthorn and the Forgotten Omega.

Sea Buckthorn is a new product in the UK, but a high quality Sea Buckthorn supplement is available from Superdragon at < ahref="">

Radiate With Reishi

Hailed as the Oriental secret of youth, health and beauty Reishi remains relatively unknown in the West, but this mystical mushroom could be the key to radiant skin, increased energy levels, lower stress, better sleep, and overall improved health.

There is no doubt that Reishi is big business with annual sales estimated at 3 billion dollars and it is one of the highest regarded remedies in Chinese medicine, but its rarity, until recently, has meant it has not been readily available in the UK. The launch of Mikei Red Reishi Essence may be about to change this though and we could soon be singing the praises of ‘God’s Herb’.

Whilst exotic culinary mushrooms have seen a huge surge of sales in the UK, as we have become more experimental in the kitchen, medicinal mushrooms remain largely undiscovered. With some serious research supporting their benefits however and hundreds of years of medicinal use behind them, we could be seriously missing out.

Reishi is a very rare mushroom and one of the highest regarded remedies in Chinese medicine, having been taken medicinally in extract form for at least 2,000 years. The mushroom plays a central role in Eastern medicine and is known as ‘God’s Herb’ and the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’, with a huge number of health benefits and studies to support its use.

Sceptics will no doubt claim Reishi to be another snake oil, but with literally hundreds of studies and thousands of astonishing testimonials supporting its use, it is hard to argue that there isn’t serious scope for the mushroom to play an important role in improving people’s health and lifestyles.

Outside of its medicinal use, Reishi could play an important role in improving people’s appearance and lifestyle. Reishi extracts are said to have powerful anti-aging effects3; studies showing the mushroom has strong anti-oxidant properties may be partly behind this, but it may also be related to improved blood flow4, and therefore delivery of important nutrients to the skin.

Extracts of the mushroom have also been seen to help balance blood sugar levels and regulate adrenal responses to create optimal and balanced energy levels throughout the day5. In addition, studies have shown that anxiety can be reduced when using the mushroom regularly, leading to lower stress levels and better sleep6.

Furthermore regular consumption of Reishi is seen to help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and excess lipids (fats), lower stress and anxiety and help boost the immune system7, 8. It is easy to see then why Reishi was once reserved solely for the use of Emperors.

One of the many pluses of Reishi extracts is that their effects can be seen and felt so quickly and there are no side-effects from its use. Within just a matter of days you should start feeling and looking better in yourself from taking good quality extracts of Reishi.

The quality of Reishi mushrooms can vary dramatically however and it has taken until now for a superior product to reach the UK and be launched mainstream.

Mikei Red Reishi Essence is a Reishi extract that couldn’t be easier to use and comes in ready to swallow vegetable based capsules; for general health and well-being only one capsule needs to be taken daily. Extracted from mushrooms grown in Japan, Mikei Red Reishi Essence is the most concentrated and high quality Reishi extract on the market and is now available in the UK from Haeon Limited. Buy online at or from leading health stores.

From Manchuria 221BC to Hollywood 2008AD

We tend think of the concept of detoxing, the process by which we rid the body of toxins to help us look and feel better, as a new one; but a detox trend that has recently hit Hollywood isn’t so much new as over two thousand years old.

Madonna, Lynsey Lohan, Kirsten Dunst, Meg Ryan and, most recently, Halle Berry are among stars to have been seen drinking a unique health drink called Kombucha.

Whilst modern research has shown that Kombucha may help combat the effects of toxins in the body9, increase life span10 and beat stress induced conditions11 Kombucha tea is in fact an ancient remedy that originates from China. With records of consumption dating back to the Chinese Tsin Dynasty of 221BC, Zen masters declared Kombucha to be a source of ‘Chi’ – life energy which aligns and harmonises the body with the soul.

Kombucha is a totally unique drink, produced in a natural and organic process from an infusion of green tea, black tea and sugar being metabolised by the Kombucha mushroom (a symbiotic colony of friendly bacteria and fission yeasts). As the yeasts breakdown the sugar and combine with the tea, a beautifying and energizing and potent brew of organic acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals is created, which is thought to be behind a whole host of health benefits.

Kombucha is full of probiotic-rich acids12, which help to populate the large intestine with ‘friendly bacteria’ and dissolve harmful micro-organisms. The gut contains a natural level of these ‘friendly bacteria’ which keep levels of possible disease causing bacteria under control. By supporting and increasing the probiotic bacteria in the stomach this helps to re-establish the levels, that can become reduced through over-indulgence, and hence cleanse the body.

A further detox benefit of Kombucha is, because it is packed full of anti-oxidants 13, its action as an adaptogen – a natural substance that increases the body’s resistance to stresses such as trauma, anxiety and bodily fatigue. Adoptogens, and Kombucha in particular, are said to work on a wide array of conditions from wrinkles to diabetes and help to restore balance and support the immune system 13, leading to you feeling better on the inside and out.

Furthermore Kombucha is thought to help curb alcohol cravings; especially useful for those detoxing in the New Year!

The drink itself is a tangy, carbonated beverage. The UK’s leading brand is Gourmet Kombucha Probiotic, which has just been re-launched in January 2008 as Gaia’s Organic Kombucha. It will be available directly from Gaia Brands Ltd at < ahref=""> and from leading independent health stores, in Peach, Blackcurrant and original Green Tea flavours.


1. Skin inflammation: A randomized controlled trial has demonstrated the benefit of supplementation with sea buckthorn on symptoms of patients with atopic dermatitis (Yang et al, 1999).

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11. Effects of chronic kombucha ingestion on open-field behaviors, longevity, appetitive behaviors, and organs in c57-bl/6 mice: a pilot study. Hartmann AM, Burleson LE, Holmes AK, Geist CR. Nutrition. 2000 Sep;16(9):755-61

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Boost your fitness regime with the new Salter Body Analyser


Christmas parties, Christmas lunch, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, mince pies and mulled wine, edible and drinkable Christmas presents… the list goes on and on and results in many of us bearing a closer resemblance to the traditionally rotund Old Saint Nick than we might like. And the result; come 12pm NYE we pledge that in the New Year we will be healthier, fitter or slimmer, but that is easier said than done.

Luckily Salter is at hand to aid on this journey with the convenient and innovative #9106 Glass Body Analyser Scale. Beneath the sleek exterior the scale features five smart analyser functions which measure weight, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass and bone mass. There is also an athlete mode and a ten user memory which will help all members of the household to understand what they are made of, as well as keeping track of weight or slimming goals whilst simultaneously giving a helpful health update.

As well as being easy to use, the Salter 9106 Body Analyser Scale is certainly easy on the eye; it’s contemporary stylish design and functional easy to read 40mm LCD display with illuminated icons makes the Salter 9106 Body Analyser Scale the perfect addition to any bathroom.

The Body Analyser Scale retails at around £50 and is available in the UK online and in store from Argos and John Lewis.

Salter is offering six 9106 Body Analyser Scales to ElixirNews readers. The six lucky readers will be selected in a draw. To take part in the draw please email us at by January 15, stating Salter in the email headline, and giving us your name and address. Please note that no money eqivalent is being offered and the Editor’s decison is final.

Experience the latest advances in anti-ageing at the THE VITALITY SHOW 2008


London: Experience the latest health, beauty & well-being innovations all under one roof! Olympia March 27-30 2008.

For the latest trends in health, beauty and well-being in 2008, why not book yourself and your best friend tickets for the ultimate girl’s day out, The Vitality Show with Muller ®? Jam-packed with lots of great brands, experiential show features and experts all under one roof, The Vitality Show is the ‘must go’ event for women in the UK.

Brands such as Dermalogica, Benefit Cosmetics and Aveda will be showcasing the very latest innovations, products and ideas enabling women to get a sneak preview of what’s hot and what’s not for 2008. Not only a great shopping event, with loads of great brands all together the show’s new experiential features include: The Happiness Theatre where visitors can attend happiness and friendship workshops; The Fitness Arena complete with trampolines for visitors to try out, free hair consultations and styling courtesy of the award winning Hobs Salon and the Luxury Beauty Hall; as well as the ever popular fabulous Fashion Catwalk.

World class experts will also be on hand to offer advice and insights across the world of health, beauty and well-being ensuring visitors to the show can pick up hot tips to take home and share with their friends.

The Vitality Show with Muller®, is Europe’s largest health, beauty and well-being show is back bigger and better than ever.

For a day packed with the latest and best in beauty, health and well-being, as well as inspirational advice, secrets, hints and tips from the experts, make The Vitality Show 2008 top of yours and your best friend’s diary!

Tickets to the show cost £17 on the door or £14 in advance. For further information visit the website or book your tickets by calling 0844 415 4416 (within the UK).

Paul Edmonds Hair & Beauty, Knightsbridge, London


20% discount on Biolustre hair rejuvenation
Paul Edmonds
166 Knightsbridge (opposite Harrods but is moving nearby to 217 Brompton Road: Knightsbridge London: SW3 1HW)

T: + 44 (0)20 7589 5950

Paul Edmonds, is one of London’s leading hairstylists. His clients include Natalie Imbruglia, Gina McGee, Julie Walters, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson.

Paul has made a name for himself over the last few years by being one of the small coterie of stylists called on by television to update, rejuvenate and bring out the best in anyone and everyone. Having just finished the latest series of ‘What Not To Wear’on UK television and London Fashion Week his feet are firmly on the ground, rolling up his sleeves and getting down to what he loves most.

About Biolustre

Leading the way in hair reconstruction, the revolutionary Biolustre treatment is the preferred choice of independent and renowned salons across the globe.

In just under two hours hair will be taken back to its virgin state with the permanent in salon treatment; repairing chemically damaged hair follicles and protecting from future self-infliction and natural elements of everyday life. Loved by many celebrities including Katherine Jenkins, Caprice and Carey Grant, and recognised by top hairdressers, Biolustre ensures a healthy, glossy, low maintenance mane.

From £60 : To find out more:

About Paul Edmonds
Paul Edmonds, eight times nominated hairdresser of the year, is unique in combining creativity and confidence, experimentalism with dexterity and charisma with business acumen. He has been single minded in his ambition to provide the best in hairdressing since he began his career in 1973. His credits include working for Daniel Galvin as artistic director and Neville Daniel as the manager/artistic director. As well as holding these positions, he has also been a mentor and trained many leading British hairdressers including Errol Douglas, Richard Ward and the late Umberto Giannini.

In 1984 he opened Paul Edmonds the salon in Beauchamp Place, which then moved in 1997 to its present location in Brompton Road, Knightsbridge. The salon represents all that Paul has built his reputation on a contemporary feel, a calm friendly approach and holistic client care.

Amongst Paul’s regular clientele are a host of famous faces, including Natalie Imbruglia, Gina McGee, Julie Walters, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson.

Brigitta Lark – bespoke organic beauty – Mayfair London


10% discount

Brigatta Lark
Lower Ground Floor, 73 Duke Street, Mayfair, London W1K 5BY. Appointments T: + 44 (0)7855 940 946 or visit

Brigitta who trained in Hungary is known for her tailor-made facials. This experience in the hands of the expert will leave your skin glowing and rejuvenated with effects that last. And its all organic. Using the finest cherry-picked selection of professional, chemical-free, organic products to deliver great results.

Brigitta is now offering the greenest, customised beauty treatments in London while developing her own bespoke organic skincare range. Don’t miss out or settle for less! She also has a range of gift vouchers perfect for that special present.

Beauty Works West Nottinghill London


Beauty Works West
T: + 44 (0)20 7221 2248
8 Lambton Pl, London, W11 2SH
Web Site

Blending Beauty and Science

BeautyWorksWest is a new concept in beauty and health care. Set in a fabulous secluded spa location deep in the heart of Notting Hill, the clinic offers state of the art technology and the most advanced techniques to ensure that you look and feel your best at all times. BWW brings you some of the leading health & beauty practitioners in the World and created a one-stop shop to provide you with the ultimate in luxury beauty & healthcare.

SkinGenesis clients front new ad campaign


SkinGenesis, a leading UK non-surgical cosmetic clinic has created a new advertising campaign by using real clients to promote their treatment range.

In order to fit in with their ethos of natural, effective treatments programmes, SkinGenesis did not want to use models to promote their skin and body treatments, but instead chose to select from within the huge number of their satisfied clients!

And there were no shortage of happy clients willing to wear the treatment they had on the chest in order to promote the clinic that had, in many cases, changed their lives. With treatments ranging from the purely cosmetic, such as teeth-whitening, to more therapeutic programmes to treat acne or thread veins, SkinGenesis boasts a client base as diverse their treatment menu.

For SkinGenesis, using real life success stories was a natural way to help promote their services as they pride themselves on the long term relationships built up with clients over a number of years. This consultative approach to treatment means that all visitors to the SkinGenesis clinic receive the best advice available, enabling them to make an informed choice about the treatments they need.

William Haseldine, Director of SkinGenesis said “In the industry we work in, our clients really are our best advertisement. When they walk out of the clinic after finishing their treatment programme they become a great example of what SkinGenesis can do. Their readiness to talk openly about their treatments is a great testament to the impressive results we’ve gained for them.”

SkinGenesis is a non-surgical cosmetic clinic established in 2003 with branches in city centre locations in Leeds and Manchester, and a new branch at the 10 BRIDGE Health and Wellbeing Clinic just outside Chester. SkinGenesis was set up by Peter Beard, Emma Parrish and William Haseldine with 200 clients undergoing treatment at each clinic at any one time.

Clinics are staffed by trained nurses and practitioners and are registered with the Healthcare Commission.

SkinGenesis offer Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Microdermabrasion (Mda), Mesotherapy, Ultrasound Skin Toning, Laser Teeth Whitening, and the latest range of medical and resurfacing peels and de-pigmentation technologies which are safe, proven and non-surgical.

SkinGenesis offers a unique Satisfaction Guarantee on most of its treatments

SkinGenesis is an accredited Investor in People

William Haseldine and Peter Beard have appeared on BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Manchester and Channel M television.

For more information visit www.skingenesis

Boosting our brainpower – how far should we go, ask doctors?


London: How many healthy people would take prescription drugs or go through an invasive medical procedure to improve their memory, concentration and other cognitive abilities?

In a thought-provoking discussion paper launched this week by the BMA, doctors discuss the ethics of healthy people seeking to improve their cognition and mental performance with pharmaceutical products or even ‘medical operations’ to help their brains perform better.

The paper ‘Boosting your brainpower: ethical aspects of cognitive enhancements1’ has been produced by the BMA’s Medical Ethics Committee (MEC) to stimulate public debate on this issue.

Chairman of the BMA’s MEC, Dr Tony Calland, said today:

“This is a fascinating area that has not been debated by the public. On the one hand, it may all seem very harmless – how many of us take omega 3 supplements to prevent memory loss? On the other hand, we need to consider where this search for optimum brain performance will lead. Should drugs or medical procedures that are designed to treat medical conditions be used by healthy people who simply want to be better than normal?

“We know that there is likely to be a demand by healthy individuals for this ‘treatment’. However given that no drug or invasive medical procedure is risk free, is it ethical to make them available to people who are not ill? Also, how much brain power is enough? There is a concern that there may be undue pressure, perhaps from employers, to ensure that workers are even more effective and productive. The BMA does not have the answers to these questions but we think it is very important that the issues are debated.”

The BMA paper examines the effectiveness of various methods that have been suggested as possible cognitive enhancers, including:

Nutrition and nutritional supplements – for example omega 3 supplements.
Pharmaceutical products – for example drugs that are used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or Alzheimer’s disease.
Brain stimulation and neurotechnology – involving techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (which has been referred to as “botox for the brain”) where magnetic pulses are used to stimulate particular areas of the brain or deep brain stimulation (which has been referred to as ‘brain-lifts’) – an invasive procedure involving the insertion of electrodes into the brain that transmit tiny electrical currents. There is at the moment no evidence that these procedures can improve cognition in healthy people, but the possibility cannot be entirely ruled out. It should be remembered that people are willing to endure major surgery to enhance their visual appearance, so they may be willing to do so to improve their cognitive ability as well, if the techniques prove to be effective.

The paper discusses the balance of benefits and harms related to cognitive enhancements. There may be individual benefits, in that a person might feel better in themselves and also positional benefits, for example, the modern-day UK is highly competitive with children judged from a young age on the basis of success in tests and exams and so individuals with a competitive edge may do better than others.

Harms include the side effects of taking prescription drugs long-term. The effects on healthy people of taking these drugs may be very different from someone taking them who has a medical condition that requires treatment.

There could also be unintended consequences, for example, our brains selectively filter out some information and memories, particularly those that are trivial or traumatic, and we do not know whether drugs to enhance memory will impair this important function. There may be a risk of ‘over-enhancement’ and someone could be plagued by unwanted and traumatic memories that cause distress or even psychological harm.

We need to consider how, as a society, we should respond to the promises and challenges of cognitive enhancements, says the report. The BMA hopes that the publication of this paper will begin a public debate on this issue and, to start the process, the Royal Institution of Great Britain is holding a public meetingin London on this issue on Wednesday 14 November at 7pm.

The BMA paper ‘Boosting your brainpower: ethical aspects of cognitive enhancements’ can be accessed on the BMA website at : < ahref="">BMA

Free sample of Pure-Col skin supplement for 10 readers


Imagine if you were able to take a magical pill every day that would boost your looks, reverse the signs of ageing and reduce cellulite…. Pure-Col, a 100% pure collagen formula in tablet form, does exactly this, from reducing lines and wrinkles to boosting the complexion, achieving lustrous hair, strengthening nails and firming cellulite-prone skin.

With extensive documented research and clinical trials by doctors and specialists across the world to prove the efficacy of collagen and its beauty benefits, Pure-Col is the ideal supplement to take to achieve top-to-toe perfection!

So how does it work?

Collagen is the body’s natural protein and, as the essential structural component of all connective tissue, is regularly described as the building blocks of skin. It therefore has a key role to play in creating and maintaining healthy skin all over the body. It has, however, been scientifically shown that it diminishes at a rate of approximately 1.5% per annum from the age of 25 years onwards. This is why it is essential to supplement this reduction to ensure long-lasting smooth, firm and supple skin.

The benefits of Pure-Col include:

• Plumps up skin and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
• Replaces lost elasticity and suppleness
• Radiant complexion
• Firmer, more even toned skin on the face and body
• Strengthens nails
• Improves condition of the hair
• Reduces cellulite and encourages inch loss
• Improves body’s joint mobility
• 100% natural with no known side-effects
So what is the difference between Pure-Col and other collagen supplements?

With over 20 years of research and development, Pure-Col goes through a special and complicated production process to ensure maximum absorption. Unlike other collagen supplements which the body finds difficult to absorb effectively, this patented formula ensures that the objectives of optimum bioactivity and as close to 100% absorption by the body are achieved.

Pure-Col is priced $60, £29.95, €44 ) for one months’ supply. For stockist details or to order T: 44(0)191 291 3385 or visit

To win one months’ supply please send an email to stating “Pure-Col offer” with your contact details by 31 October 2007. Your name will be put into a draw. Please note that the Editor’s decision is final and no cash equivalent is being offered.

Beauty spend continues to grow

London: UK women will spend nearly £40million this year on ‘beauty pills’ to enhance their appearance – twice as much as five years ago.

They are splashing out on a range of ‘magic’ potions, which claim to make hair glossier, nails stronger and even reverse the signs of ageing.

But experts claim few of the products actually work and women would stand a better chance of improving their looks by eating better, keeping out of the sun and not smoking.

Exotic ingredients in pills – such as extract of bark or protein from sea creatures – are used as little more than a marketing tool to encourage shoppers to buy, they added.

A study by market researchers Mintel revealed that spending on beauty pills is expected to top £37million this year – up 130 per cent since 2002 – and rise to £ 63million by 2012.

Almost a third of Britons, mostly women and young girls, said they use beauty supplements or would consider using them to help safeguard their looks.

Top- selling pills include supermodel Naomi Campbell’s favourite brand Imedeen, which claims to improve skin, and retails at £81.50 for three months’ supply of 180 tablets.

Perfectil Platinum, which costs £39.49 for 60 tablets, contains bark extract, blackcurrant seed oil and marine collagen and is marketed as renewing skin cells.

Other products examined contained vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, which are said to keep skin clear and hair glossy.

But scientists have been quick to pour scorn on the claims. Dr Richard Weller, a dermatologist at Edinburgh University, said: ‘I’ve not heard of any evidence that supplements such as bark extract will improve your hair or your skin.

‘These pills are very lucrative for the companies that make them, but they should be coming up with proof.

‘It shows people just want a quick fix, and they like spending money on themselves. Instead, they should be thinking about prevention.

‘The things that cause ageing are excessive sunlight and smoking – and avoiding them is free and known to be effective.’

Top New York stylist Philip Pelusi shows you how to get beautiful celebrity hair

Celebrity hair designer Philip Pelusi is much in demand with international celebrities such as Queen Noor of Jordan, Barbara Walters and Benjamin Brat, for his Volumetic Technique of styling and his bespoke anti-ageing hair products

Here Philip reveals how you can achieve celebrity hair …

When is hair at its peak and most beautiful?

Healthy well-maintained hair is always the most beautiful no matter what the person’s age. Ageing hair tends to be slightly more fragile and therefore needs extra special attention. Hair needs to be maintained at the proper level of strength and moisture by using the right combination of products on the hair. This can be easily achieved with a daily hair care regime as well with the right cut for the individual hair.

When does it start to decline?

Whenever hair is neglected or abused hair will start to decline no matter what the person’s age. Ageing hair fabric is more delicate and therefore needs a little extra tender loving care. Hair is neglected when it is not being treated with the right amounts of protein and moisture. Hair is abused when it has been over processed with chemicals and heat styling tools without protecting the hair fabric.

What are signs of ageing hair and why does it decline?

Hair actually starts to age after the age of 25. Each strand shrinks 10% diameter and may become duller due to loss of melanin. However, just like prematurely aged skin, hair can also be prematurely aged by abuse and misuse of chemicals and heat styling tools. Signs of aging hair include weak or brittle hair, dryness, flaking scalp, split ends and an extra fine and frizzy texture.

What are your top 10 anti-ageing diet tips for hair?

1. Use special products specifically designed to rejuvenate ageing hair. Follow the regime consistently for best results.
2. Get anti-ageing hair and scalp treatments in the salon for a deeper, more intense effect.
3. Get you nutrients thru your food and supplements. Hair is definitely a reflection of our health.
4. Drink plenty of water to keep skin and hair hydrated.
5. Exercise helps maintain a healthy blood flow to the scalp. This will help encourage healthy hair growth.
6. Maintain a relaxation program to keep stress at bay. Stress can take its’ toll on the healthy of your hair and skin.
7. Get plenty of rest. Proper sleep is so important to maintain the health of the entire body and of course the hair.
8. Keep the scalp in it’s optimum healthy state. A healthy scalp means healthy hair.
9. Treat wet hair fabric with tender loving care. Apply a detangling product before combing it and use a wide toothed comb only. Do not brush wet hair as it will break.
10. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to reduce friction on the hair and breakage.

Philip’s Top Anti-Ageing Hair Tips for women

1. Softer, loose curls or waves make anyone appear younger. Steer away from sharp angles and severe shapes.
2. Slightly longer hair is also more youthful. Each person’s facial and body shape is different as is the texture of their hair. Therefore it is important to customise the longer length that would be appropriate for you.
3. Softer, slightly lighter hair color with varying tones also helps produce a younger appearance. Steer clear of too dark, too solid shades. Just like hair, skin tone and color slightly changes as we age. Therefore our hair color must change with it.
4. Hair color should always compliment the client’s skin and eye color no matter what their age. For an older clients, we always recommend that they lean towards the lighter of any shades selected.
5. The best way for a person to look younger is to keep their hair in a perfect state of health with the proper at-home and in-salon regime. Healthy, shiny hair is younger looking hair.

Philip’s top anti-ageing hair tips for men

1. Keep both the hair and the scalp in healthy condition. Maintain a product regime that keeps the scalp exfoliated and the hair healthy.
2. Use styling products that don’t glue hair stiff. Heavily gelled, slicked back hair only makes someone look older. A soft but neatly groomed effect looks younger and more sophisticated.
3. Color should be subtle and not solid. Tiny, pinstriped lowlights look best. Select a shade and tone that matches the non-grey natural hair and weave tiny stands throughout the hair. A few lighter pieces can be added for a more youthful look but keep it looking natural.
4. Grey is ok as long as it is healthy and shiny. Use a violet based color conditioner once a week to keep grey hair brilliant and shiny.

The big “No nos” for older women…

1. Too severe or too short of a hairstyle.
2. Too dark or too monochromatic hair color.
3. Dry, brittle and breaking hair makes anyone look older.
4. Too long or too short extremes don’t really compliment.
5. Hair that is teased, hair sprayed and fixed perfectly and also can be ageing. Hair should be neat but slightly disheveled looks modern and carefree. No helmet hair.

The big “No nos” for older men…

1. Solid, monochromatic hair color
2. Dry, flaking scalp and hair
3. Too much gel or styling product.
4. Unnatural part lines – no comb-overs.
5. Hair that is too long and looks unkempt.

How do you treat grey hair?

Grey is great as long as it is maintained at a healthy state. Some people prefer to embrace their grey hair and that’s terrific as long as it looks shiny and healthy.

His chic Italian sanctuary salon with soothing green marble and art deco design is the have your hair transformed into a more youthful you. Philip charges $450, £240, EUR 354 for a personal makeover.

Contact info: Philip Pelusi products are available online at To find a salon ++888 263 470

Scientists verify Vitamin A as wrinkle-buster

New York: A new scientific study has shown it may be possible to reverse skin wrinkling.

The research, published in the Archives of Dermatology, suggests that topical application of retinol, a form of vitamin A, could make older people less prone to skin ulcerations and poor healing of wounds.

Three dozen white people — average age, 87 — had a skin moisturizer laced with retinol applied to one of their inner arms a couple of times a week for six months; a placebo was applied to the other arm. Neither the researcher who rubbed on the lotions nor the participants knew what was being applied.

By the end of the testing period, fine wrinkling — which was assessed on a scale from zero, for none, to 9, for severe — declined considerably on the retinol-treated skin, from an average of 7.25 to 5.61.

The researchers speculated that the retinol increased the production of collagen, which helps make skin elastic, and of glycosaminoglycan, which retains water.

Most of the 36 participants experienced some redness or itchiness where the retinol had been applied, though only three found these reactions severe enough to withdraw from the study.

Retinoic acid, a different form of vitamin A, is used to treat acne and sunlight-damaged skin. Sold under Retin-A and other brands, it is unsuitable for geriatric patients, the researchers noted, because of the irritation it often causes.

Eleven of the seniors who received follow-up exams found the benefits of the drug to be transitory: Six months after the study, the researchers found no significant differences between the retinol-treated skin and the placebo-treated skin.

Four of the authors of the study,are working on patents for treating ageing skin. The National Institutes of Health partially funded the research.

Wrinkles see the light – and disappear – new light rejuvenation from Ellipse


London:Wrinkles see the light and disappear with Ellipse’s new rejuvenation treatment

A new wrinkle busting treatment using light rejuvenation to increase collagen making skin look young and supple has been launched by the experts at Ellipse.

This new intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment has been shown to improve lines and wrinkles in less than a month. It is a non-invasive two step procedure that consists of applying a spray which contains an advanced liposome, which converts the active ingredient into a pigment called (protoporphyrin IX 2) helping to absorb the light and aiding deeper penetration. This triggers a chemical reaction that is in effect a miniature explosion that damages the skin cell, triggering a cellular repair response. This process improves the skins elasticity resulting in a noticeable 300% collagen production.

Michael Dodd, Managing Director at Ellipse explains: “What is exciting about this new extension of the product in to anti-aging is that it will add another exciting chapter to Ellipse’s comprehensive menu of treatments with the likes of ‘Skin texture’ and Photo Rejuvnenation already under its belt. With Wrinkle Reduction we can now provide customers with a one-stop-shop, non-invasive solution to better skin management.”

With the Ellipse IPL Wrinkle Reduction application, people will see lasting results for up to 12 months depending on the individual. In clinical studies it has been found that collagen production peaks at three months. A course of three treatments with three week intervals is recommended by the scientists behind the Ellipse technology but visible results can be seen after just one treatment.

Wrinkle Reduction gradually takes place from one up to twelve months when collagen stimulation is triggered offering the building blocks to smoother, youthful skin. Clinically proven by leading dermatologists Ellipse’s Wrinkle Reduction treatment will offer people either a non-invasive preventative measure or a solution to anti-ageing. Dubbed as the new “lunchtime beauty-fix” it shows significant improvement in wrinkles minus the pain or visible redness associated with comparable alternatives. Find our more at

Holistic Health & Beauty – Emma Hardie

Emma Hardie is a leading exponent in holistic anti-ageing and natural skin rejuvenation. She is particularly known for her pioneering Sculpting Facial and Natural Face Lift workshops. She specialises in treating skins that prefer a more gentle and healing approach. Her unique method has led to TV and radio appearances treating the faces of A-list celebrities. Emma practices from her Knightsbridge and Oxford clinics.

Find out more at Email her at Emma Hardie


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If you want to grow your anti-ageing business, then ELIXIR has the right audience for you. We can tailor a package to meet your needs. To find our more email us at

New non-surgical fat buster at Beauty Works West

London: Saddle bags, bingo wings, stodgy bottoms and double chins could finally become a thing of the past with the arrival of SmartLipo – a revolutionary new fat-busting treatment which is the safer and smarter alternative to conventional liposuction.

Officially available in the UK from this September, Dr. Daniel Sister BeautyWorks West will be one of just three Doctors in London offering this new solution to excess fat.

Billed as a lunch time treatment, just a single one hour session is all it takes with no need for a general anaesthetic or hospital visit. The procedure is carried out in the Doctor Daniel Sister’s treatment room instead of an operating theatre, meaning you could technically go back to work the same day. Compared to Liposuction it is less traumatic, less invasive and much safer. There is a faster recovery period with visibly reduced swelling and bruising. Medical studies show there are no serious side effects such as scarring, internal bleeding and permanent blood vessel damage which can follow after having Liposuction.

Previously impossible to treat with Liposuction, problem areas such as the face, fore arms, knees and upper abdomen can be addressed and SmartLipo also effectively treats Gynecomastia (male breasts) and Axillary hyperhidrosis (excess sweating). Just one treatment of SmartLipo permanently reduces the size of the sweat glands permanently reducing sweat secretions and replacing the current trend of having under arm botox every few months. Traditional Liposuction can cause a surplus of sagging skin and burst blood vessels but SmartLipo tightens the skin after removing the fat as well as simultaneously eliminating thread veins. Finally, the best news of all is the price. Starting from £1500, depending on the area it is much cheaper than Liposuction.

How does the treatment work?

The laser-assisted SmartLipo (fibre optic) is just 1mm in diameter and it disperses the wave energy in three steps.

Step one – Heats up the fat cell membrane to 45◦ to disintegrate the fat pockets and the contents are dispersed naturally via the bodies’ metabolism process (Full results takes 12 to 16 weeks).

Step two – Seals off the surrounding blood vessels to prevent bleeding and reduce any potential swelling or bruising.

Step three – Encourages the production of collagen and skin shrinkage. This prevents the skin from sagging and the need for post-treatment surgery such as a tummy tuck to correct this problem.

Following its arrival in the UK SmartLipo is bound to receive some scepticism and concern even though similar lasers are widely used here in many treatments already including hair removal. In defence one study in Brazil concerning at least 1500 cases showed no evidence of any serious side effects and although pending, FDA approval should come through early August. There are already 1000 SmartLipo laser machines worldwide and they have been in use for more than four years now. Italy, Brazil, Australia and the Far East have all caught on to using SmartLipo with phenomenal results and now it is time for us Brits to banish that stubborn fat too!

A consultation with Dr. Sister is free of charge. Treatments then start from £1500 – £2000 depending on the area.

Anti-ageing tea better than water

Drinking tea is more beneficial than drinking water, according to research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Tea not only rehydrates you as well as water does, but it can also offer protection against heart disease and cancer because it contains protective antioxidants known as flavanoids.

The researchers say their findings could benefit older members of the population, many of whom do not drink much water and so run the risk of dehydration.

Previous studies have shown that drinking just three a day can cut the risk of having a heart attack by 11 per cent.

It has also been shown to stave off some forms of cancer, including colorectal cancer.

Other health benefits include reducing tooth decay and possibly improving bone strength.

Some studies have suggested the caffeine in tea can also help concentration and improve your mood.

The key component is a group of antioxidants called flavonoids – a major component of tea – which help prevent cell damage.

Like fruit and vegetables, tea is a good natural source of flavonoids – three cups actually contain eight times the antioxidant capacity of an apple.

Cindy Crawford confesses to being human

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has confessed that she keeps her looks in pristine condition with the help of aesthetic treatments such as Botox and collagen.

In a magazine interview the 40-year-old mother of two said she has getting cosmetic help for the past 11 years.

“I’m not going to lie to myself: past a certain age, creams work on the texture of your skin but, in order to restore elasticity, all I can really count on is vitamin injections, Botox and collagen,'”she tells this week’s Gala magazine.

“I have a very simple, healthy life, which works miracles. I drink a lot of water, watch what I eat and exercise. ‘But I owe the quality of my skin to my cosmetic surgeon.”

Miss Crawford who has her own skincare range called Meaningful Beauty. Products includes facial mask, skin softening cleaners, moisturisers and neck rejuvenating creams.

She says of her products: ‘I believe Meaningful Beauty is the best skin care available, and soon you will be able to discover the difference yourself. ‘Improve the tone and texture of your skin. Reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

Reveal skin that is smoother, softer and more radiant. They’re products that treat your skin in a meaningful way now for more beautiful, younger-looking skin tomorrow.’

World’s largest anti-ageing body condemns use of embryonic stem cells for rejuvenation

Embryonic stem cells should be used to treat life-threatening diseases not to cure wrinkles and turn back the hands of time, says the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, world’s largest medical body, representing 300,000 doctors and other professionals.

In a position statement following recent negative publicity on the use of stem cells in aesthetics it comments:

“Science now stands on the threshold of a new age in cellular therapy and tissue regeneration which will directly and beneficially impact how long, and how well, we will live in the coming decades.

Stem cell therapeutics is the leading biomedical technology in the rapidly emerging field of regenerative medicine, a medical field in which science assists the human capacity to heal various tissues and organs. All of the most impressive demonstrations of regenerative medicine, since its inception in 2002, have used stem cells to trigger healing and rejuvenation in the patient.

In the anti-aging setting, the most important potential application of human stem cells is the generation of cells and tissues that could be used for cell-based therapies. Today, donated organs and tissues are often used to replace ailing or destroyed tissue, but the need for transplantable tissues and organs far outweighs the available supply.

Stem cells, directed to differentiate into specific cell types, offer the possibility of a renewable source of replacement cells and tissues to treat diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, spinal cord injury, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, if scientists can harness the ability of stem cells to become specialized into any type of cell, they may be able to use them to treat any number of diseases and conditions.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M; and its 18,500 members from 86 countries worldwide support innovative research into new therapies to treat aging-related disorders and infirmities associated with aging metabolism. The A4M, however, does not support the use of embryonic stem cells that are derived from aborted fetuses. This is clearly an ethical dilemma with which we take exception, except under extreme life-and-death medical situations supported by IRB oversight. Instead, the A4M is particularly hopeful for the expansion of the utility of adult and non-embryonic (placental- and umbilical cord- derived) stem cells (which are harvested from healthy, full-term, live births). These types of stem cells hold much promise as safe, simple, and easily acquired sources of pluriopotent cells for the restoration, reseeding, and regeneration of multiple organ and tissue failure. They also clearly obviate the problems and ethical concerns regarding therapeutics utilizing embryonic stem cells.

Stem cell treatment has now become one of the newest trends in aesthetic medicine. Due to their vast healing and rejuvenating potential, stem cells have become big business for beauty doctors. Some are claiming that stem cells can diminish wrinkles or otherwise reverse the outward signs of aging. The A4M submits that this is a highly experimental application of stem cell therapeutics. A4M does not support the use of stem cells for anything other than life-saving procedures, conducted in strict adherence to IRB protocols.

With a solid history of more than 30 years of research and clinical application, stem cell therapeutics have been successfully utilized around the world to treat a wide range of aging-related disorders and other infirmities associated with aging metabolism. It is the position of the A4M that knowledge as to the life-saving potential of stem cell therapeutics in diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, obesity, arthritis, and Parkinson’s Disease should be embraced and expanded. The A4M considers adult and other non-embryonic stem cell sources as a safe and promising new therapeutic approach that is associated with less risk than blood transfusions, and is not associated with ethical issues because no live-births or fetuses are put at-risk.”

About the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Inc. (“A4M”) is a non-profit medical society dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease and to promote research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. A4M is also dedicated to educating physicians, scientists, and members of the public on biomedical sciences, breaking technologies, and anti-aging issues. A4M believes that the disabilities associated with normal aging are caused by physiological dysfunction which in many cases are ameliorable to medical treatment, such that the human lifespan can be increased, and the quality of one’s life enhanced as one grows chronologically older. A4M seeks to disseminate information concerning innovative science and research as well as treatment modalities designed to prolong the human lifespan. Anti-Aging Medicine is based on the scientific principles of responsible medical care consistent with those of other healthcare specialties. Although A4M seeks to disseminate information on many types of medical treatments, it does not promote or endorse any specific treatment nor does it sell or endorse any commercial product.

A guide to the latest skin elixirs and practitioners

These are the latest non-surgical procedures: fillers made of natural substances, lasers and intensive vitamin therapies that improve the appearance of the skin and are a viable alternative to cosmetic surgery or with surgery to obtain the best possible results.

These procedures, whilst not invasive, should be carried out by a qualified medical doctor or by a nurse under the supervision of a doctor.


BioSkinJetting is a new alternative to injecting solutions into the skin. BioSkinJetting uses a microprobe, to seperate the skin where the wrinkle is from the skin below. This action stimulates the skin to form new collagen fibres, plumping and firming the skin to create a smoother and, for many, wrinkle free complexion. Each treatment lasts between 15 to 40 minutes and is offered as part of a course of 5-7 treatments costing between $60and $150 each, making it very comparable to current injectable prices, without the potential risks. A further bonus is that, unlike other treatments, the facial muscles can move freely and are not ‘frozen’, making the overall impression much more natural, yet younger looking.

Details of practitioners from


Botox was first used to treat neurological conditions, such as facial spasms. It come into use as a cosmetic treatment more than years ago and is used for crow’s feet, forehead and frown lines. Botox and Dysport are the trade names for Botulinum toxin, which is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botulinum type A, which is used commercially, is the most potent. Botox acts by blocking acetylcholine, a chemical that is responsible for transmitting the electrical impulses that cause muscle contraction. This results in muscle paralysis, but only temporarily, as the new growth of nerves re-innervates the muscles.

Botox is injected in highly diluted doses into the belly of the muscle using a small needle. This causes it to relax, which softens lines and contours. The most popular areas to have treated are crow’s-feet, forehead lines, neck muscles, the corners of the mouth and upper lip lines. Several injections are usually needed at specific sites, depending on the area treated. It takes a few days to take effect and lasts for about three months. It should only be administered by doctors or a nurse supervised by a doctor. It costs about $440 for each area treated.

Although its use is approved by most health authorities no study of the long-term effects has been made. It should not therefore be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women, anyone with neuromuscular disorders or people taking certain muscle relaxants.

In the UK, Botox is not licensed for cosmetic procedures . It is only licensed to treat squinting, facial and neck muscle spasms, cerebral palsy and excessive sweating.

Patrick Bowler, 30b Wimpole Street,London W1 T: 0870 850 3456


Tracy Mountford, Cosmetic Skin Clinic, The Lanes Medical Practice, Plough Lane, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire T: +44(0)1753 65206.


Evolence is a new collagen-based injectable filler which lasts for 12 months or more. Evolence uses organically sourced collagen, which is purified and transformed to accurately mimic human collagen. Evolence is injected into wrinkles, where it binds naturally with the skin.

For information and details of practitioners


Fat is taken from different parts of the body – bottom, hips or thighs, processed in a centrifuge and reinserted into creases, lips and dents that need plumping. The effects are variable; overcorrection is usually needed, causing additional swelling, and more than one treatment is recommended for long-lasting results and there will be some bruising. There is no allergic reaction but it can cause swelling, particularly in the lips. The results last between a few months and several years. It costs between $1400 and $2,800.



The London Clinic of Dermatology, 60 Grove End Road,London. NW8 T: +44 (0)20 7266 8200.
Dr Andrew Markey, The Lister Hospital, Chelsea Bridge Road,London SW1 T: 44 (0)20 7730 1219.


Lasers are used in a variety of ways. An ablative laser will give you a peel and burn off surface layers of skin. A non-ablative laser is used to give a form of face-lift, minimising wrinkles, increasing collagen production and tightening skin. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is used for hair removal and to treat pigmentation, thread veins, rosacea, acne and wrinkles. IPL and non-ablative laser treatment usually require no downtime, although there may be some redness. Ablative laser treatments can leave darkened areas for 7-10 days.



The Private Skin Laser Clinic, Dermatology Department, Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street,London NW3; T: +44 (0)20 7435 7521.

John Scurr, The Lister Hospital, Chelsea Bridge Road, SW1; T: 44 (0)20 7730 9563.


Works by dissolving fat from places which are hard to remove with diet such as knees, chin, inner thighs and tummy. It was originally used to disperse fatty deposits in the blood. It is not approved in the UK for cosmetic procedures. Costs from $528 per treatment.


The skin is injected with a vitamin infuction to rejuvenate, reduce cellulite and sculpt the body. The treatment can involve up to 200 tiny injections but takes less than 20 minute, usually in three sessions a couple of weeks apart.

Maintenance sessions are required three times a year. In the Mesolift the same treatment is used on the face. It can be used in confjuction with other skin treatments such as Botox


In this treatment the ageing skin on the décolleté, neck and face are treated. Specialist Dr Georges Roman, a Paris-based surgeon diagnoses the skin and uses the unique mesotherapy technique in which a special “gun” injects a blend of nutrients and vitamins into the dermis. This is followed by a collagen stimulating Intense Pulsed Light treatment. After, he selects the best appropriate action for your skin by heating and stimulating it with an IPL light and specialist skin aftercare. About four treatments are required to return the skin to optimum rejuvenation.

Dr Georges Roman Private Patient Services London and Paris
Devonshire Medical Chambers T: +44(0)20 7323 2123


A chemical solution is applied to the cleaned skin and left on for a specified period of time. A deep peel will remove some wrinkles. Light peels require no downtime and can be done in a lunch hour. Deeper peels, including Obagi (based on trichloroacetic acid), will result in flaking or peeling and will require a week to heal. A change in skin pigment (lighter) is the biggest potential problem; others include skin-darkening, blotches, scabbing, irritation, redness and increased sensitivity. The new skin will be pink and sensitive, and will stay that way for a few months.

Superficial peels with glycolic acid require 4-8 sessions; medium and deeper peels, using trichloroacetic acid, may be a one-off event. For sensitive skin, glycolic-acid treatments may be milder and spaced further apart.

London – Dr Penelope Tympanidis, 19 Wimpole Street, W1; 020 7462 0030, . From $170-400 depending on the type of peel and amount of treatment needed.

Manchester Dr Tamara Griffiths, Alan Drive, Altrincham, Greater Manchester
T: +44 (0)1625 536488.


Radiesse is a new long-lasting injectable filler, made from calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) a component of bone, suspended in a carrier gel. It is used for wrinkles and lines These microspheres degrade very slowly and are therefore longer lasting
– over two years. The patient’s skin uses the microspheres as a scaffolding to grow around. Since it is a natural protect no pre-testing is required but there may be some minor irritation.


Sculptra is made from crystalised poly l-lactic acid and is used to treat sunken cheeks and deeper. It is injected under the skin, where it stimulates new collagen production, plumping out nearby areas which may have sagged because of ageing.

It is used as an alternative to implants on the cheek bone area but it being tested for use in scarring and depressed eye sockets. There can be some swelling following treatment but this usually goes after two days. Three treatments up to six weeks apart are recommended and the result lasts for two years. It costs from $700 to $2,500 a treatment.

Buckinghamshire – Dr Tracey Mountford, Cosmetic Dermotologist, Cosmetic Skin Clinic, The Lanes Medical Practice, Plough Lane, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire. T: + 44(0)1753 556206. From $700 to $2,600 a treatment.

London -Jules-Jacques Nabet, Royal Garden Soma Centre, 2-24 Kensington High Street, W8; 07765 850924.

Manchester – Peter Davenport, Bupa Hospital Manchester, Russell Road, Whalley Range, Manchester; T: +44 (0)161 862 9563.



Thermage® uses radio frequency energy to heat the collagen and elastin below the dermis causing a tightening effect and stimulating new collagen growth. It is used for full face treatments as well as arms, tummy, eyes and legs. Results will vary from patient to patient. Some patients see an immediate response whilst most others may take up to 6 months, after just one treatment. It can be used to tighten tissue anywhere on the body. Prices will vary according to what you are having treated and generally start at approx. $3,000 (£1500)



Dr Nicholas Lowe MD, FRCP, FACP, Clinical Prof. Of Dermatology Cranley Clinic T: + 44(0)20 7499 3223
Email dranleyuk@aol

Dr Mario Luca Russo MD, cosmetic physician The Rejuvenation Clinic T: + 44(0)20 7970 0912

Dr. Rita Rakus M.B.B.S Cosmetic Medical Advice Ltd T: +44 (0)20 7460 7324

Dr Mike Comins MBBS, MBACD Hans Place Practice T: = 44(0)20 7584 1642.

Christopher Inglefield, Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth, 60 Grove End Road, NW8; 0845 009 2775,


Mr Antonio Orlando MD, FRCS, Dip.EBOPRAS and Bristol Plastic Surgery at the Bristol Nuffield Hospital T:+ 44(0)117 980 9623

Mr Nigel Mercer MB ChB ChM FRCS FRCPCH Bristol Plastic Surgery at the Bristol Nuffield Hospital (same as above)T:+44(0)117 980 9623 Email: website


Dr Peter Crouch The Burghley Park Clinic T: +44 (0)1793 709580 enquiries Website:


Dr Ash Dutta MBBS, LRCP, MRCS, LMSSA, DFFP, MRCGP Aesthetic Beauty Centre T:+44(0)191 567 2900 Email:

Mr Patrick F Leahy MCH, FRCSI Consultant Surgeon at The Laser Centre T: + 353 (01) 6763251 / 6763252
Email: Website:


Dr Hugo J Kitchen M.B.,Ch.B., M.B.A.C.D.Dermatherapy Clinic T:+44(0)1789 414289


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Dr John Curran MB, BCH, BAO, MRCGP, DGM, DRCOG, Dip. Derm.Aesthetic Skin Clinic T:+44(0)1481 736699

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Threadlift is used to treat mildly sagging facial skin and uses a barbed medical thread which is inserted under the skin. The barbs lie flat in insertion and are then pulled in the opposite direction, hooking themselve into the facial tissue, lifting the skin. The threads are left in place and there may be some swelling but after a few months the skin will have lifted. Patients, it is claimed achieve between 30 and 70% of the result of a surgical face lift. It costs between $2 to $7,000



Specialist: Dr Lucy Glancey, Constable Country Medical Practice, Heath Road, East Bergholt, Essex. T: +44 (0)8704 585 483.


Restylane is a synthetic filler containing hyaluronic acid, a naturally occuring substance in the body and is free of animal proteins. There are several different types of Restylane – in different thicknesses for treating different problems – fine lines and wrinkles, creases and folds and adding definition. It lasts about two years during which time it gradually breaks down. It costs about $500 a session and several are required in the first two months followed by top up sessions.



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Udai vilas, Udaipur, Rajasthan


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The resort has two large swimming pools which are heated in winter, a gymnasium, boutique and a library with a selection of music and DVDs. Private excursions and cruises on the lake can be organised by the hotel. The spa, managed by Banyan Tree, offers holistic treatments and therapies to pamper and revitalise mind and body using holistic therapies and massages combining the best of East and West. Massages, facials and body beautification methods use ancient Ayurveda and aromatherapy as well as Thai and western techniques designed to relieve stress as well as create a sense of wellbeing. The spa has a private pool and individual therapy suites with views of Lake Pichola, the Aravali mountains and City Palace. Each of the eight suites has its own steam sauna and Victorian style bathtub. The gym and hair salon are located around a central domed foyer with a marble fountain.