Sanpaku eyes

Sanpaku means ‘three whites’, and is a Japanese term. People with Sanpaku eyes have an iris that is turned upwards so the white is clearly visible on three sides and in the Orient it is thought to show poor diet … Continue reading

Sore red eyes

The most common cause is usually cosmetics, mainly because of adverse reactions to ingredients are often responsible for eye irritation, allergy and infection. Bacteria can contaminate old makeup, causing eye infections.

White spots

Little white spots on the eyelids may indicate that there is too much fat in the blood. These are also known as milia and can be removed by a doctor.

White rings

A milky-white ring around the edge of the eye’s cornea – the transparent circular part of the front of the eyeball – is usually called arcus senilis. It is probably caused by fat and means there are highlevels of fat … Continue reading

Red blotches

Red blotches appearing infrequently on the whites of the eyes are not dangerous. However, more persistent ones could be an indication of high blood pressure which causes blood capillaries in the eye to expand and sometimes burst leaving red marks.

Rapidly failing eyesight

Possibly a sign of diabetes or a violent form of macular degeneration, where part of the retina begins to age prematurely and lose function. You should go to an eye specialist as soon as possible.

Pale eyelids

When the skin inside your lower lids looks pale pink rather than bright pink, this usually means you are anaemic and lacking iron, which is crucial for the healthy production of red blood cells.

Muscle fatigue

This is usually caused by poor lighting at work and over exposure to computer screens. In addition emotional stress can be damaging to the eye because stress inhibits the absorption of essential B vitamins that help keep eye muscles strong. … Continue reading

Lids turned in/out

Entropion, a condition in which the eyelid turns inwards so that the lashes rub on the eye, or ectropion, in which the eyelid droops away from the eye, exposing the inner surface of the lid. Although these are not serious … Continue reading

Flashing lights & floating spots

Often the first sign of a migraine. Symptoms can often be eased by self-help measures, such as taking painkillers, drinking plenty of fluids and resting in a dark, quiet room. A doctor should be consulted.

Failing Night Vision

Possibly as a result of vascular problems as a result of poor circulation. Other causes include parasites in the intestine and a lack of absorption of essential minerals and vitamins.

Dry eyes

A reduction in oestrogen post-menopause can be the cause of dry-eye syndrome. Humidifying the environment may help and you can also buy special tear drops but over-the-counter preparations should be used with caution as they are only intended for short-term … Continue reading