Vi Salus launches its UK anti-obesity crusade with evangelical fervour and singing star Ce Ce Peniston

Like an evangelical crusade they came on stage and proclaimed to fight obesity in all its guises. That was  the official UK launch of the network marketing obesity company Vi Salus at the Birmingham International Conference Centre on February 8.

One-by-one and in their tens they confessed to their obese past – standing up to resounding cheers when some admitted to loosing up to 100lbs in weight since to joining the Vi Challenge and are now promoters of the products – meal replacement shakes and vitamins which have become the No1 such product in the US.

Vi CeCe Peniston launch

Recording star Ce Ce Peniston on stage at the Vi Salus launch in Birmingham

There must have been more than 4,000 recruits plus family members in the hall. And they began dancing in the isles when US recording star Ce Ce Peniston came on stage to sing her biggest hit Finally.

And there were more roars of appreciation from the crowd when Ce Ce confessed her battle withe weigh gain and that she had joined the Vi crusade as a Promoter, selling the products too.

Vi Salus proclaims it is on a mission to crush obesity by selling its products which help people diet.  The products are sold through network marketing.  I have never understood this concept and even as it was explained on stage I was still clueless. One of my main issues in understanding how you make money be doing nothing but let those further down the chain do the actual product selling.

But it appears to work – since the pre-launch about a year ago – hundreds of Vi Salus promotoers have not only lost weight but gained an income and some even a brand new BMW car as a bonus and they came on stage one-by-one to say so.

As one of the Ambassadors: marketers who have earned their strips –  proclaimed to the crowd: “There are people in this room who will never be the same!” She meant either because of weightloss or through a change of direction in career.

And it all begins with the Vi Salus 90-day which the new recruit makes a declaration that he will loose a certain amount of pounds within a given time.

And there were hundreds in the hall who had done just that.  And they came on stage to tell the audience how they had not only lost weight but also making money.  Some were on their fourth challenge loosing pounds – 10 to 15 pounds in the average weightloss some said they had lost hundreds of pounds and all saying “it’s changed my life.”

Like a lot of network marketing ventures, the outlay to join is affordable- £39 basic, £349 executive and £779 star – I was nearly tempted to join myself!

I know network marketing has a questionable past – but making money out of the obesity crisis and getting real weightloss result can be no bad thing.

Watch a video of the event below: